Sunday, May 30, 2021


                  The Yacht  and Crew Chattered to Transport Choksi

No doubt the botched Choksi plot has left egg all over the faces of Prime ministers Gaston Brown of Antigua , Roosevelt Skerrit of Dominica and Modi of India. But these men are shameless, and ruthless wanna be authoritarians so with their “Jamestown” like support they will simply move on to another corrupt act.

It is not that those of us who have gone far and beyond to expose the corrupt activities by the likes of Roosevelt Skerrit and Gaston Brown are in any way condoning Choksi and the alleged multibillion dollar heist. All we are asking for is first, due process and secondly the prosecution of ALL those involved in the torture and kidnapping of Mr. Choksi- the government officials, boatmen and police officers both in Antigua and Dominica. We would also like to track down those who financed the torture and kidnapping operation. We have one clue- find the government minister in Dominica who before Choksi arrived in Dominica was unhappy with the money he got compared to what others involved in the plot got. Remember we told you so. The Roosevelt Skerrit criminal organization has shown us time after time that they are motivated by greed and the reason for their involvement in this Choksi scheme is because of the money involved. After all, Choksi allegedly ripped off almost two billion dollars and powerful people would pay to find out where this $2 Billion is stashed.  

 We also have an update on the Choksi situation in Dominica . Yesterday Mehul Choksi’s brother flew in from Belgium and is now in quarantine in Dominica. Mehul himself is now out of quarantine and the last we check was that he is on his way to the hospital as his blood pressure has spiked.

Once again Roosevelt Skerrit apologist are finding all kinds of excuses to justify the blatant kidnapping plot. Some are even suggesting that it is all fake news but the responsible citizens of Dominica, those who pay taxes in Dominica must ask why are tax dollars now being used to girder Gaston Brown’s sick and demented scheme.

Those of us who have stood incessantly against Roosevelt Skerrit government corruption will remember that a few years ago another fugitive from India was able to purchase a Dominica passport while on the run. He abducted his son and was living in Glanvillia Portsmouth while the son attended the St John’s primary school in Portsmouth. The grieving mother who was in India at the time, made many calls to the government of Dominica after finding out from INTERPOL that her fugitive husband was hiding out in Dominica. She pleaded with the Roosevelt Skerrit government to help her get her son back but the government refused to intervene. The fugitive was not kidnapped and sent to Antigua for Gaston Brown’s intervention .Instead the fugitive was allowed to head out to the Dominican Republic with his Dominica passport in order.

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