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While the Roosevelt Skerrit administration is feigning innocence in the Choksi scandal, a sleazy former priest and lawyer Lennox Lawrence has applied for a watching brief – we take that to mean that someone not directly a party to the Choksi case wants Sleazy Lawrence to observe the case. Sleazy Lawrence we know is a lawyer for the Prime Minister and like Simeone Albert a lap dog for Anthony “The Mopyon” Astaphan.

We also understand that Mr. Choksi maintains that he does not want to be in Dominica and never intended to be in Dominica. He first declared that he was kidnapped and forced into Dominica and in the process tasered and beaten but Choksi’s plea seem to be falling on deaf ears and there is no indication that an investigation will be conducted into the alleged torture and kidnapping accusations.

Mr. Choksi may be a fugitive on the run but he is entitled to human rights and due process. As an Antiguan Citizen Mr. Choksi is simply asking to return to Antigua but the Dominica schemers have other plans. Our sources have informed us that the conspirators in Dominica may be considering some bogus charges that would place Mohul Choksi at the Stockfarm prison facility while the Indian government is trying to use INTERPOL to get it’s way.   

Why The Government Silence?

The people of Dominica have been asking for some kind of response from the Police commissioner and the Ministry of National Security. Based on the latest information gathered we now understanding  the reason for the deafening silence on the part of the Dominican authorities. It appears that the Dominica government involvement in the Choksi extraordinary rendition was  directed by one man ,his puppet police commissioner and whoever else he wanted involved.    

It is already public information that the National Security Minister Rayburn Blackmore of Baby Sarah tragedy had been left totally in the dark on the Choksi plot. It is alleged that once the Choksi matter became public Blackmore was belligerent and it was not just because the scandal reflected badly on his ministry and incompetence , Blackmore was allegedly upset because he felt left out of whatever financial bounty that came with the Extraordinary Rendition scheme.

We can well imagine that if there was money to chatter a yacht and crew, a kidnapping squad all the way from India and Britain there must have been money for the facilitators on the ground in Dominica and Antigua. We know that the members of the DLP administration are motivated only by greed and self-enrichment and it would be naïve to believe that the entire Choksi kidnapping scheme was a vaccine quid pro quo.

We can also report that the National Security Minister was overheard criticizing acting Police commissioner Lincoln Corbette, for his role in the Choksi apprehension plot. Mr. Blackmore was heard referring to Lincoln Corbette as a Jackass.

If Blackmore calls someone an ass the person should buy themselves a saddle

Sources within the police department have also confirmed that Acting Police Commissioner Lincoln Corbette and two other police officers held Mr. Choksi at a facility in Portsmouth. (Remember MiTC told you so!!!). One of the police officers is slated to provide false testimony and bring bogus charges against Mr. Choksi.

At this juncture we want to ask Corbette and the two police officers whether or not Mr. Choksi was also physically abused while in your custody at that facility in Portsmouth?

The Dominican public is well aware that Corbette is not just a puppet he will also brutalize civilians just to appease his master.

The two other police officers who are prepared to provide false testimony before the court are promotion driven mercenaries for the corrupt Roosevelt Skerrit regime. One being the son of beloved farmer, Mr. Louis. We are asking these police officers to consider that “If you tell the truth it becomes a part of your past. If you lie it becomes a part of your future.”   

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