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              Maniku Gang Member Earl Luis

It has been reported that Scotland Yard is currently in Antigua investigating the Mehul Choksi abduction matter. With the irrefutable involvement of the Dominica government and police in the Choksi abduction matter it is expected that the Scotland Yard investigators should be in Dominica.  The extensive efforts by government officials, the police and unscrupulous lawyers to destroy evidence and to coerce police officers to provide false statements to the court may be tolerated by the corrupt justice system in Dominica but with Scotland Yard snooping around there is some consternation among officials and members of the Maniku Gang on what may be uncovered by the  Scotland Yard investigators.

We were also informed that the US embassy in Barbados maybe expressing interest in the Choksi abduction matter and whether or not the coast guard vessel donated to help with border security   was used to facilitate a kidnapping operation.

A Scotland Yard investigation should find out that the police commissioner Lincoln Corbette, ordered the Dominica coast guard to meet the vessel ,Calliope Of Arne to extract Choski from the hatch where he was held captive. Mr. Choski was then brought to the Cabrits Terminal where he was met by Lincoln Corbette himself. Corbette introduced himself to Choksi.

We were also the first to report that police officer Earl Luis, the son of a beloved senior citizen and farmer Mr. Luis, had also accompanied Lincoln Corbette on the Choksi abduction mission. Mr. Choksi himself seem to have had an unforgettable experience with Earl Luis at the Cabrits Cruise Ship terminal so much so that on one occasion Earl Luis was deployed to provide security to Choski at the hospital and as soon as he arrived Mr. Choksi recognized him from the encounter at Cabrits. Mr. Choksi in exasperation pointed to Earl Luis and blurted out “ You Again, You Again!!!” In an effort to avoid the embarrassment and to keep covering up Corbette and Luis involvement in the Choksi abduction , Earl Luis was immediately yanked from the security detail at the hospital and since then he has never been allowed anywhere close to Mr. Choksi. (Earl Luis Pwen Kowir)

We also reported that the captain of the coast guard vessel that was involved in the Choksi  abduction took sick leave and is allegedly uninterested in Lincoln Corbette’s cover up and evidence tampering. Since our last report we understand that the same captain has extended his sick leave. It is also alleged that due to the captain’s unwillingness to participate in the cover ups and falsification of the daily log Lincoln Corbette has referred to the captain as "coward and soft

As the Scotland Yard investigation becomes even more plausible, we have also been told that Lincoln Corbette is allegedly reminding his selected police officers that ,should the investigators show up “just say what you have to say” In other words stay on script.

In spite of some police officers willing to play along with Corbette’s criminal plot, many officers are worried about violating their oath,  compromising their integrity and career. According to a source close to the police “ Corbette has exacerbated the moral crisis within the police force.” The source went on to say that as a result of Corbette’s attempted cover up, there is turmoil among various divisions – Homeland Security, Coast Guard, Special Branch, and Intelligence. 

“Evil is Powerless if the good are unafraid.” If this fight against police misconduct and state-enabled abduction is to be successful it is contingent upon the good police officer to stick with their oath. Uphold law and order not crime and corruption.

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