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A few months ago the mayor of Portsmouth Kerry Breedy offered up a prayer for the businesses during the opening of a new business in Portsmouth. In her prayer she asks that god “break the chains on failing businesses in Portsmouth.  At the risk of being labeled sacrilegious  I feel compelled to ask -should the people of Portsmouth really put that chain busting burden on God or shouldn’t they rid themselves of this witless loyalty to criminals posing a Dominica Labor Party and embrace the free spirited mantra -god help those who help themselves?

As a pragmatist and suffice to say a person of faith I well understand that too often we all live our lives in chains and refusing to acknowledge that we have the key in our hands. If 60 cents on every dollar that was spent on businesses in Portsmouth was generated by the Ross University economy then the economic devastation and the “chain s” of crumbling business in Portsmouth is only cogent. 

In the words of Mahatma Ghandi – “It is wrong and immoral to seek to escape the consequences of one’s act.”  What then can it be when a people are unwilling to hold their elected government official responsible for their actions or inactions? Is it stupidity, dejection or just cultish.

There is no simple way to put it – Roosevelt Skerrit and his DLP administration are solely responsible for the departure of Ross University. The people of Portsmouth know that to be true but they pretend that it isn’t while despair and poverty is erupting among them.

A replacement University was promised and using the same passport money laundering scheme ,the Skerrit DLP administration was able to get a passport selling interest group out of India to feign interest in establishing a Ross university replacement in Portsmouth. The people in Portsmouth thought that their sect leader would redeem himself by filling the deep void of economic pain and suffering but like everything else done by the Labor Party in Portsmouth, that too failed and since then not a word from the government nor the people of Portsmouth.

 Like the Mehul Choksi kidnappers ,the replacement university disappeared on the DLP’s  ship of destruction - The  Calliope Of Anarchy.

There is so much to say about the failed Morocco Hotel project-  11 years of unfinished construction and two election cycles with promises of jobs and business opportunities for a Morocco hotel yet to be opened. The many young people from Portsmouth who were promised jobs at the Morocco Hotel have had to escape to neighboring islands in search of work. Interestingly though some of these young people accepted ferry and airline tickets to come back to Dominica to vote for the very same deceivers.   

The flopped and decrepit coffee factory sits disgracefully at the One Mile location in in Portsmouth. A gift from the deceased Hugo Chavez and hand delivered to the Roosevelt Skerrit administration. The coffee factory was supposed to transform Portsmouth but after US $50 million worth of construction and equipment furnishing not one grain of coffee has ever been produced- let alone jobs. The last time we reported on the embarrassing coffee factory, some guy name Sharl was sheltering his cows inside the abandoned and derelict coffee factory facility.  

About three months ago we learned that the Kempinski Hotel would be closing it’s doors. We held on to this information  hoping that before September 16 there would be some type of intervention but the reality is that the hotel is at this moment  very much unsustainable. According to our sources the revenue generated by the hotel can hardly cover the utility bills.  The wage bill is allegedly covered by the hotel developer who is allegedly very unhappy with having to pay salaries for a hotel that had been untenable from inception.  

It is no secret that the hotel was started off and has been on life support from day one. Other than that, the Skerrit administration insist on keeping the people of Dominica completely nescient of  any matters relating to the Kempinksi Hotel or as a matter of fact – anything related to the CBI program and the revenues thereof. Who owns the hotel, who manages the hotel- none of our darn business. Nevertheless it is only logical to ask whether there was some special arrangement for Range Capital to cover the wage bill up to August.

If there is one thing that we have learned about Mohammed Asaria of Range Capital is that he is a shrewd and frugal business man and there is no way he would squander the alleged US$30  Million profit from CBI program in a  “Ball and Chain “ Kempinski Hotel.     

If the Kempinksi was FOA (Failing On Arrival) how much optimism can there be with an Anichi Hotel that was supposed to open since 2019 and is still dawdling in construction.  Not that it matters to sheep in people clothing but we should also mention that as part of the Anichi Hotel CBI program a resource center was to be built in the Chance area of Portsmouth. Mayor Kerry Breedy should probablypray for the delivery of the resource center as promised by Skerrit, Alick Lawrence et al.

 Maybe just maybe one of Skerrit apologists can convince us that the Anichi Hotel if and whenever it opens it opens,  can succeed where  the Kempinksi Hotel failed.

On the journey of life we don’t get to choose if we get hurt but we darn sure have a say in who hurts  us therefore  Mayor Kerry Breedy may want to say a little prayer to break that clay goblet that Skerrit and his hyenas have been using to keep the people of Portsmouth duped and docile.  

Mayor Kerry and the People of Portsmouth should memorize  one of my favorite lines in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar where Cassius says to Brutus “The fault dear Brutus is not in our stars, but in us. 

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