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In 2016 it was decided that more magistrates are needed to help clear the backlog at the court in Dominica and disgraced former Deputy Police Commissioner Hensel Valerie was appointed Lay Magistrate to deal exclusively with uncontested traffic matters, offenses relating to the litter Act, Rent and Liquor License and environmental matters.  Two other qualified magistrates were also appointed on contract Gail Royer and Asquith Reviere.

Hensel Valerie as we may recall was fired from the police after a thorough inquiry concluded his alleged participation in police racketeering and corruption. The question is – how did  Hensel Valerie got appointed Lay Magistrate after a scathing report from an inquiry of the Dominica Police force. But then again we have seen rogues like Lincoln Corbette and Davidson Valerie become top brass of the police force.

One does not need formal qualifications or legal training to become a lay magistrate. Here are a few requirements  for a lay Magistrate.

You need to be able to hear clearly, with or without a hearing aid, to listen to a case.

You also need to be able to sit and concentrate for long periods of time.

Good character

It’s unlikely you’ll be taken on if you have been:

·         found guilty of a racketeering and corruption

·         found guilty of a number of minor offences

How much more brazen can corruption get in Dominica.

In today’s Dominica where corruption is the order of the day, Lay Magistrate Hensel Valerie who was appointed to deal exclusively with noncriminal matters and never dealt with any criminal matter, was surprisingly selected to sit on a bail hearing for accused criminal Kenny G who is now facing man slaughter charges.

Based on Kenny G’s reputation the prosecutors opposed bail but Hensel Valerie decided that Kenny G must be allowed to roam the streets. Keep in mind that Mehul Choksi who committed no crime could not find bail until MiTC published a photo of Mehul Choksi sitting at the Cabrits Cruise Ship Terminal. But that is for another discussion. 

It is public knowledge that Kenny G is closely associated with the ruling DLP administration. During the 2019 election campaign DLP government officials were seen parading around with Kenny G’s criminal gang. Melissa Porponne Skerrit also referred to the Kenny G gang members as her snippers.

Kenny G had been a person of interest in shooting incident in the Portsmouth area and according details presented to us e PM Skerrit and his wife Melissa had arranged to have pending   criminal charges dropped against  Kenny G, in the said matter, It is alleged that Kenny G had threatened to withdraw his political support for Melissa Skerrit if the charges continue in the court.

A few years ago Kenny G had also been a main subject in the investigation of a shooting death at the Garage in Roseau. According to our police sources Kenny G was not the trigger man however it is alleged that the gun used in that particular incident was in Kenny G’s possession and that the police had to threaten to charge Kenny G with murder charges in order to secure the gun as evidence.

 During the lead up to the 2019 election campaign MiTC had also received confirmation that  Kenny G and two members of his criminal gang had applied to then Police Commissioner Daniel Carbon for gun carrying license. In their gun permit application both gentlemen stated that the reason for the gun permit was to provide “Security For Melissa Skerrit “

 Go Figure – Is it by coincidence or was it a craftily design plot that  Hensel Valerie “gravitated outwards”  from parking ticket and littering matters to grant bail to  Kenny G’ on a second degree murder case ?

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