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In the recently leaked cabinet document we learned that PM Roosevelt Skerrit and his cabinet allocated 435 CBI passports to a private entity named Ocean Edge Development. The principle shareholder and owner of Ocean Edge Development is government employee and DLP Bag Man Floyd Capitolin. There is absolutely no doubt, this entire arrangement is exactly what all Dominicans, Laborites included, think it is – Grand Corruption Just another plot to shift state’s patrimony into the hands of a DLP cabalist for eventual kickback to the DLP politicians and operatives.  

According to the United Nations “grand corruption is the scourge that “pervades the highest level of national government, leading to a broad erosion of confidence in good governance, the rule of law and economic stability.

Who Hates Floyd?
Although the secret document was allegedly leaked by an unhappy member of the cabinet, one who actually hates Floyd Capitolin, it is still appalling that all members of cabinet would sign off on such blatant and egregious misconduct. But then again we are talking about people in a cabinet who themselves have been bribed into just becoming motifs within Skerrit’s “Korboss Corporation” /cabinet. 

The involvement of Bag Man Floyd Capitolin in such a grand corruption scheme is not at all surprising. Floyd Capitolin is like a nuisance rodent scheming and feeding after the hyenas have eaten. According to the leaked document Floyd Capitolin’s is scheduled to receive passport sales commission of US $7 Million or EC $ 19 Million. Interestingly Floyd does not have an international presence or a reputable establishment in the passport selling business. That tells us that Floyd is no lone ranger in this new passport money heisting scheme. The question therefore is whether or not Bag Man Floyd is fronting for our very felonious Politicians and their co-swindlers?

MiTC is aware that PM Skerrit has shown some personal interest in a Lallay Coco land acquisition matter for Ocean Edge Development. We have learned that a property that is of significant interest and in fact included in the project design is allegedly owned by Lynder Singutary George. It is also alleged that Lynder Singutary George was very unhappy with the lowball offer made by Bag Man Capitolin for the acquisition of her property and so our sources have told us that that PM Skerrit found it necessary to intervene on that land price negotiation. Why nuh?? It is also alleged that Lynder Singutary George wants far more than what is being offered.

The callous public reaction to yet another flagrant kleptocracy is not all surprising. Even the opposition seems fatigue, wary and reluctant to sound off on this Skerrit-Capitolin passport money heist. As for the Labor Party supporters, the shamed and shameless they walk around with “Eyes Bow head Closed” just hoping that like the many other scandals and atrocities this one will just dissipate into oblivion.  


Capitolin Brother
After 20 years of rampant corruption by Roosevelt Skerrit and his administration it is well understood that avarice does not stop at Roosevelt Skerrit’s office. It is the indulgences of those at the top of the government pyramid assigning and collaborating with the lower end of the totem pole of corruption. Corruption has become a way of life, an operating system with a sophisticated network that link together public and private sectors. Even elements of out-and-out criminalities have become part of Roosevelt Skerrit government corruption system. There is evidence of engagements with human traffickers and kidnappers, gangs of money mules operating by air and seas, drug dealers,  even hired killers (Terry Baron and company ) flown in to take out the opposition members.

In the words of the famous French Economist Frederic Bastiat ““ When plunder/corruption becomes a way of life for a group of men and women in society, over the course of time  they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it”.

The people charged with patrolling and protecting the moral boundaries of society many of them have jump off the deep end while some have conveniently declared  themselves  DDB “ Dumb Deaf and Blind” when it comes to government corruption. Religious figureheads continue to proffered condonation and even blessings to the Kakistocracy; Police commissioners, high court judges all play their part in facilitating and protecting the menacing malfeasance in Dominica.

The Kakistocrats rope in players from the public and private sector  and the main objective is maximizing returns for members of the network. Bag Man Floyd Capitolin is not the only government employee who had been assigned hundreds of passports to sell under the CBI program. Roosevelt Skerrit’s cabinet also gave a sitting minister of government and Anthony Astaphan’s Korboss Dr. Collin Mc Intyre, over 500 passports for a resort Development project in the Valley.

Let it be known that since then Collin McIntyre’s resort project has been given an additional 400 CBI passports for his “moroccoy “project. We dare Anthony Astaphan to come whitewash the truth about Collin McIntyre’s continuous plundering.

It is said that one of worst lessons of life is that when we have been misled for a long time we tend to reject any and all evidence of the deception. We become nonchalant about the truth and it becomes way too painful to acknowledge that we have been bamboozled. Essentially once you give a charlatan or a despot power over you, you are never going to get it back.

At this very moment there are a lot of people in Dominica who find it painful and embarrassing to acknowledge the thriving Kakistoracy and kleptocracy that they have nurtured. Prevailing wisdom teaches that Kakistoracy and kleptocracy (1) destroy democratic establishments, (2) slow economic development and contributes to governmental instability and (3) misdirect national interest, substituting actions and policies that benefit only the corrupt politicians, their family, friends and facilitators.  

A bad beginning makes a bad ending and Karma Is Coming!!!!!

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