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Clinton Hilary

Once again the rampant corruption and criminality among the DLP mercenaries within the Dominica police Force is again in the spotlight. The newly released voice clip from Sargent Derick St Rose, AKA Hunter the calypsonian, is clearly showing that he Hunter knew off and was  part of a malicious and most certainly criminal effort  to frame the opposition leader Lennox Linton. Hunter’s behavior is endemic of a police force contaminated by a gang of thieves, vagabonds and even killers. Last week we reported on an illegal search of an apartment in Picard where the Maniku Gang stole Jewelry from the apartment. We also heard of the arrest of one police officer Jean Louis AKA “Itchy Finger “,on charges of alleged sexual assault . It is well known that Itchy Finger has openly declared- “I will even kill my mother for Skerrit”.

Also hot in the public domain is the police and office of DPP essentially admitting to providing false evidence and reporting to the courts, Re-Mehul Choksi’s arrival into Dominica. What we are allowed to report is that once Scotland Yard started snooping around some members of the Maniku Gang who were involved in the Choksi plot got scared and started recanting the false testimony that Corbette and Valerie had requested. There is more to come…..   

With more public evidence of a Dominica Police Force rife with brigands and criminals, we want to use this opportunity to reintroduce the involvement of members of the Dominica police force in the extrajudicial killing of 40 year old Dillan Jacobs from the island of St Vincent. We want to insure that Dillan will one day get some justice.

In 2019 Dillian Jacobs who the police claim was a drug dealer came to Dominica via the Anse De Mai port area and was intercepted during a police sting operation. Upon detecting the presence of the police Dillan wearing just a shots and a tang top started running away –not posing a threat to the police at all but he was gun down like an animal. 

 Upon an investigation by the CID it was discovered that not only had Dillan Jacob been murdered but that there was also a massive cover-up by some members of the Dominica Police Force.

Police Commissioner Daniel Carbon who from our sources wanted a full report on what was by then a suspected extrajudicial killing. There were serious inconsistencies in an initial report   presented by Inspector Clinton Hilaire who led the sting operation.  Hilaire's initial report show photos of the deceased Dillan  Jacob not having any weapon on him right after the shooting. Our sources indicate that the victim was running away from the police with his back to the police and hands up.

The attached photo was presented in Hilaire’s first report. Clearly Dillan’s Tang Top is above his waistline – no gun

Photo- No Gun on Victim

 Daniel Carbon was infuriated when an amended report was submitted but this time with a photo clearly showing that a gun was planted on the victim.

 See the attached photo this time clearly showing Dillan’s shirt pulled down and a gun planted on him. 

Amended Report- blue Arrow show Planted gun 

Upon questioning the suspicious second report, Sergeant Clinton Hilaire unable to explain the falsified report blurted out that it was a Superintendent Joseph Williams who had given him the instructions to plant the gun on the body of the victim.

Both Clinton Hiliare and Superintendent Joseph Williams are well known members of the Maniku Gang operation within the Dominica Police Force and are yet to be disciplined.

 Will we ever see these men be held accountable for the murder of Dillan  Jacob of St Vincent? Conventional wisdom suggests that heightened abuse, corruption and extrajudicial killings among police organizations are symptomatic of totalitarian and authoritarians regimes. Like the accused sexual Offender “ Itchy Finger Jean Luis , Clinton Hilaire gets undue promotion within the police force and has promise to kill for Skerrit. Superintendent Joseph Williams who issued the command to plant a gun on a dead body is related to Skerrit by his domestic relationship and is also willing to do whatever Skerrit and his DLP criminal administration wants.   

With a Dominica police force controlled by a gang of political mercenaries acting as rogues, prosecutor, judge and executioner there is no need adopt platitudes recommending the retraining of police officers in areas of ethics, respect for the rule of law, service to state not politicians etc. It would be hypocritical to pretend that the cleansing of the police force is remotely possible with the corrupt Roosevelt Skerrit administration still in office.

In order to restore faith in the Dominica police organization the DLP administration must first be forced out of office one way or another- Period.

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