Friday, May 13, 2022



MiTC is following another incident of Police misconduct and this incident could bring some more negative attention from the international community as the mater involves some American students interning in Dominica.

According to sources within the Police Headquarters Davidson Valerie ordered a no warrant search of an apartment(s) in Picard Portsmouth. We understand that the apartment is occupied by intern students from the University of Mississippi. The parents of one of the students were also present when the Maniku Gang came into the apartment hostile and threatening the tenants with their M-16 riffles.

It is no secret that Davidson Valerie has unfettered permission from Rayburn Blackmore and Roosevelt Skerrit to do whatever he pleases and according to unconfirmed leaks from the police headquarter, Police Commissioner Carbon may not have been aware of another botched operation by Davidson Valerie.

Along with Valerie’s corruption and criminality is his gross incompetence. It appears that at 4:05 this morning the Maniku Gang went into the wrong apartment Building in Picard and now that the incident is beginning to stir up some concern, the American citizens demanding answers the Maniku Gang has admitted that they had no warrants to enter any property in Picard but that the doors to the apartments were unlocked so they just walked in and did what they did 

Not only did the Maniku Gang terrorize the students and parents, the gang seem to have made off with some valuables from the tenants. Jewelry from the night stand was gone after the Maniku Gang left. Rogues in action

Apartment owners in Picard are suffering since the departure of Ross University and any little bit of rental income would be significant. The intern students and parents so traumatized may be looking to get out of Dominica and other students schedule to arrive sometime in the summer may just cancel their trip to Dominica.  

We are still following more details of Valerie's botched operation and may bring you some more information as it becomes available.


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