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"The wheels of justice is slow but it grinds fine” and all those responsible for the abduction and torture of Mehul Choksi should be concern. By virtue of the Universal jurisdiction act, the Scotland Yard is entitled to investigate, to arrest and prosecute persons accused of crimes, regardless of where the alleged crime was committed, the nationality of the accused or residence. The crime of abduction and torture is at the top of the list of crimes under the Universal jurisdiction act.

As the wheels of justice turns the fine grounds are beginning to fall at the feet of the criminals within the Dominica Police force. With the serious accusation of torture and kidnapping, no "Styrofoam" judges from the Eastern Caribbean Court system, no parking ticket caliber attorney general, no flimsy public prosecutor or shysters in Dominica can nolle pros the pursuit of justice under the Universal jurisdiction act.

The police officers who provided false statements and even those who did not, will have to testify under oath and from what we know at this point the investigators are in possession of very damning information. For example, all the phone records between the British –Indian abductors and the coconspirators within the Dominica Police force- Corbett in particular. 

What a Jacka*** -How dumb can a senior police officer be to use his phone while participating in an illegal act. He even went further to identify himself to the kidnapped victim at the Cabrits landing.

MiTC was also the first to report that PM Skerrit had been strategically located at the Kempinski Hotel to coordinate the Dominica leg of the extra rendition. Our information at this point suggest that Scotland Yard is also aware of the coordination activities between the Kidnapping gang of the Dominica Police force, the PM and one of Skerrit’s Passport selling promoters; a gentleman of Indian descent. This gentleman was also stationed at the Kempinski Hotel and allegedly played a very significant role in the planning and execution of the Mehul Choksi kidnapping operation.

Based on other information that we can’t share on the investigation at this point, we urge those police officers who chose to cover up for Corbette, Blackmore and the Prime Minister, speak the truth. The investigators are already ahead of the game and know a lot. 

Maniku Gang #22

Scotland Yard may also want to talk to police officer Earl Luis who had accompanied Lincoln Corbette on the Choksi abduction mission. Officer Earl Luis (MG-22. Maniku Gang #22) was the courier providing updates to Skerrit and that passport promoter at the Kempinski Hotel. 

We should also add – Mehul Choksi’s lawyer is unrelenting.

Captain Faustinus

Captain of the MV Lugay, Faustinus Thomas. You too must provide the missing log on the day you and your crew picked up Mehul Choksi from the vessel named Calliope of Arne and shuttled him over to the Cabrits Cruise Ship Berth. 

MiTC would also like to remind Corbette and others that we chose to produce just that one photo evidence of the Choksi operation in Dominica. Take note “Life is like a box of chocolate you never know what you’re gonna get” (Forest Gump)

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