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MiTC is in possession of the draft report from Sir Byron. Based on Sir.  At this juncture we will allow the qualified legal analysts to peruse and present their legal opinions. We have also decided against posting the entire document however we have selected two articles from the report that the public can begin to discuss -The Residence Requirement for Registration and Voter Identification Card as areas of immediate public interest.

Residence Requirement for Registration

4.                  (1) In relation to the qualification of a person to be registered as an elector for a polling district, a person shall be deemed to reside in the polling district in which he or she is ordinarily resident on the qualifying date.

(2) The question whether a person is or was ordinarily resident at a place for any material period shall be determined by reference to all the facts of the case and the following provisions –

(a)           no account shall be taken of the residence of a person in a polling district for the purpose of engaging temporarily in employment of a seasonal character.

(b)          the place of ordinary residence shall be deemed to be generally the place which has always been, or has been adopted by a person as, the place of habitation or home, such that when away from there, the person intends to return.

(c)           where a person usually sleeps in one place and has meals or is employed in another place, the place of ordinary resident shall be where the person sleeps.

(d)          generally, a person’s place of residence is where the family of that person resides, but where the person is living apart from the family in another place, the place of ordinary residence is that other place.

(e)           the temporary absence of a person from a place of ordinary residence does not cause the loss or change of place of ordinary residence of the person; and

(f)           a person who has more than one place of ordinary residence may elect which of these places is to be considered as the place of ordinary residence for the purpose of registration.

(3) The place of ordinary residence of an applicant for registration who is a person in service overseas, shall be the address specified by that person in a declaration made by him or her, which shall be in the form set out as Form 1 in the First Schedule.

7. (1) In connection with the registration of persons as electors, the Chief Registering Officer or the registering officer for a constituency may require enumerators to visit any house within the polling districts assigned to them –

(a)    for the purpose of ascertaining whether persons whose names appear in the register, or any list still reside in a particular polling district or are still alive; or

(b)   for such other purpose as the Chief Registering Officer or registering officer may require in order to give effect to the Act or these regulations.

(2) Where, pursuant to sub-regulation (1), an enumerator is required to visit a house in connection with the registration of any person, the enumerator shall take all deliberate care to ensure that accurate information is obtained with respect to the name, address, occupation and other particulars of that person.

Voter Identification Card

13      (1) A voter identification card issued pursuant to regulation 10(3)(d) shall be in the form set out as Form 7 in the First Schedule and shall be signed by the Chief Registering Officer and have such security features as the Chief Registering Officer considers appropriate.

(2) The voter identification card shall be made available to the elector who shall acknowledge receipt of the card by signing or making his or her mark in a book of record to be provided for the purpose.

(3) For the purpose of sub-regulation (2), where a person provided an overseas address for correspondence, the Chief Registering Officer shall cause the voter identification card relating to the person to be sent to that address by registered post and may direct that the registering officer of the polling district in which the elector is registered, using the contact details specified in the application form,  advise the elector by means of electronic mail or telephone, that the card has been sent.

Expiration of card.





13   (1) A voter identification card expires ten years from the date of issue.

(2) On the expiration of a voter identification card or so soon prior to the expiration date as the Chief Registering Officer shall decide, a new voter identification card shall be issued to the person, so long as the person’s name has not been removed from the register of electors pursuant to a provision of the Act.

The Desperate Need To Find our Moral Conscience. 

According to Dr. Martin Luther King Expediency questions whether it is just politics ,Vanity questions the popularity but Conscience ask whether it is right. " There comes a time when we must take a position that is neither safe , nor political nor popular, but one must take it because it is right " 

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