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Collin McIntyre's Deadly Trailer

In any country where civil society is guided by the rule of law and not by the iniquities of men or women Dr. Collin Mc Intyre irrespective of his position or affiliation with the powers that be, would have at least been charged with public endangerment in the accidental death of the young man from the Laudat area.

 The young man riding a motorcycle collided with a trailer (as seen in the photo) that was placed on the roadway with no regards for public safety and the safety of motorists using the Laudat route. Our investigation show that the Trailer belong to Dr. Collin McIntyre and the Passport funded eco- resort project in the Middleham Falls location. The Trailer was used to deliver steel frame members for the same project. The evidence shows that there were no safety devices on the trailer- no night reflectors and no traffic delineators for traveling motorists, particularly at nights. 

 We want to express our deepest sympathies with the family of the deceased young man.

 Isiah 59:14 says “Judgment is pushed back righteousness stands afar for truth has fallen in the city square and integrity cannot enter”

 We expect to be chastised for speaking the uncomfortable truth but for the love of god we can all agree that this accident could have been prevented had it not been for the callous, uncaring and frankly lawless society that we have become. Some will say live the politics out of it but according to the United Nation declaration “ corruption and lawlessness imposes tremendous social, political and human cost.

It is because of political corruption and the accompanying lawlessness that the police who traverse this most popular tourist visited area every day ignored the dangerous threat posed by the monstrous trailer. Why??- the trailer belongs to former minister of government, brother of now parliamentary representative for the Roseau Valley and crime partner of the PM of Dominica, Dr. Collin McIntyre. Ma Boyde Kitchen has him down as " Korboss and Pool Boy for Anthony Astaphan"

 I know it’s uncomfortable but truth has no time and space .

 It is because of political corruption and misrule that Collin McIntyre acted with recklessness and no concern for the well-being of people in the Valley and just anyone including visitors using this narrow roadway. Because they have become accountable to no one the likes of Collin McIntyre see themselves beyond the law, beyond public safety. All that matters to them is the mighty dollar that they plunder of the passport vending business. The people come last. 

The likes of Collin McIntyre continue to demonstrate to the people of Dominica that they only love the people for their votes and the mandate they extort from the people to plunder our passport revenues. With passport revenues Collin McIntyre is busy constructing three massive residential buildings plus an eco-resort. We reported that Collin and his Russian partner received a first tranche of 500 passports for the eco resort project and then requested an additional 400 passports to sell under the CBI program.  

Where a country is ruled by laws instead of low men and women in high places, Collin McIntyre could possibly be facing at Criminal endangerment. Will law enforcement bring charges against Collin McIntyre?  The colloquial response would be-When cock grow teeth.  

 Will the family pursue justice for their son?  They should unless they are willing to put political party and particularly dirty politicians over themselves and family.

We sincerely hope that in this tragic situation that the uncomfortable truth brings not only comfort but also inspiration. The inspiration to stand against lawlessness and fight for accountability – no partiality.  

Lawlessness impacts everyone 

 Arms in arms we’ll fight this little struggle,

the only way to overcome our little trouble.


To prevent another terrible accident we are urgently requesting some road way repair and proper safety measures near Bishops in the Mahuat , Massacre area. Kassani or Rayburne Blackmore please act now.

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