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Jay Christopher

Deceased Joan Lewis Robinson 

Last Week Malik Skerrit, the son of PM Skerrit was involved in a vehicular accident that resulted in the death of a young man AKA “Cannot Dress” from the Roseau area. The news of Malik’s involvement in the accident brought about much conjecture but at this juncture MiTC does not have any information on the cause of the accident – who was right or wrong and what was the state of mind of any of the people involved in the accident.

Amidst the speculations on culpability or state of mind of the individuals involved in the accident is the concern though that the police department is to severely compromised and politically manipulated to deliver a professional and just investigative report on an accident involving the son of PM Skerrit. There are countless examples of wanton police misconduct in matters whereby criminal matters involving friends and associates of the PM and the DLP are deliberately trammeled and consequently denying victims the rights to fair and equal treatment under the law.

Even as we mourned the accidental death of Cannot Dress and empathize with Malik Skerrit and Family, we note with interest that last week was also the anniversary of the death of Joan Lewis Robinson of Portsmouth. In early August of 2022 Joan was mowed down and killed near Purple Turtle Beach by an alleged drunk and reckless motorcyclist. The accused motorcyclist is a gentleman from the village of Penville (PM Constituency), currently a schoolteacher and personal friend and artist of PM Skerrit- name Jay Christopher. We decided to check the status of the alleged vehicular homicidal death investigation and to no surprise the matter seem to have disappeared in the miasma of police and politician cover-up. According to a source within the police department who said to us " just pretend like the accident never happened." We were not at all surprise to discover that PM Skerrit did in fact interfered in the investigation and even more egregious is the fact that when asked about the investigation, police superintendent at the Portsmouth Police Station Anthony “Baykay” Lawrence response was “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie”.

Anthony Baykay Lawrence

It is no secret   that Anthony “Baykay” Lawrence is an acute apostle for PM Roosevelt Skerrit and is the brother of disgraced former priest, obstructionist on the electoral commission and shyster extraordinaire Lennox Lawrence.  Anthony “Baykay” Lawrence is also known to have taken on his own to take up residence at his brother’s hotel in Portsmouth in lieu of an assigned paid housing rearrangement for all other Portsmouth police superintendents. The intension it appears was to stair government revenue towards his brother’s hotel establishment in Tebay area of Portsmouth thus leaving government employees at the ministry disturbed and confused after having to pay rent twice for the Superintendent of police in Portsmouth. 

Many upstanding police officers that we have spoken to regarding the vehicular homicidal death investigation are quite angry by the blatant political influence and according to one police officer who said “he (Jay Christopher) was wearing a neck brace for months after the accident and then watching him having a good time at the Penville Village Feast and the lady dead, is very upsetting my Broda. “

Just before the tragic accident Joan built a beautiful dwelling house in the Zicack area of Portsmouth and had just moved back to Dominica to enjoy her retirement. An alleged drunken motorcyclist took all of that away from her and up till now, no one is held accountable.

Losing a loved one to a drunk and reckless motorist is an unspeakable tragedy and the grieving families in most cases just want some dispensation of justice. The Robinson family of Joan Lewis Robinson should be off no exception.

The only reason that Jay Christopher the alleged drunk motorist has not been held accountable by the justice system is because of his association with the PM of Dominica Roosevelt Skerrit- A phenomenon so tightly hitched to the systematic corruption in Dominica.

The political meddling in the justice system should be of great concern to all irrespective of Party color. Tragic events involving Driving Under Influence (DUI) knows no party color and while we sincerely sympathize with the Robinson family of Joan Lewis Robinson, we hope that they (brothers of victim Dr.Cyril Robinson, Edgar Robinson, Vincent Ophey Etienne, Nephew Donny Robinson, niece notorious Samantha Robinson and many others) speak out, if not for justice for Joan but greater awareness the consequences of  DUI and the threat to society.

We can save lives when we punish those who irresponsibly drink and get behind a wheel or handlebar of a motorcycle and then cause destruction, death, pain and suffering. Equally important ,it is simply unacceptable that politicians are allowed to decide who should or should not be investigated and held accountable for DUI.

*****Justice For All , Corruption We Will Have None  

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