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Steal Political Power& Provide  Provide No Electrical Power

 It is no secret, well documented and unabashedly admitted by the DLP regime that the political corruption surrounding the CBI Kempinski Hotel development has raked in Multi-Million-dollar windfalls not just for the developers /passport sellers and associates but also for the Dominica government politicians. According to government information more than 800 passports and free land at one of Dominica’s national parks were assigned to Range Capital Development for the Kempinski Hotel development. For clarity the hotel is now call The Intercontinental Dominica Cabrits Resort. (ICDC)

 It is also well documented that one of Dominica’s questionable ambassadors, ambassador for Ocean and Seas ( Moweng and Titiwi ) Paolo Zampolli filed a claim in a New York court against the Kempinski Hotel Developer for what he claimed to be a US $30 Million entitlement cut from the Kempinski Hotel development and construction.  What did the people get????

Unlike the CBI funded Anichi Hotel project, Layou River Hotel and the slouching Eco Resort project by Tony Astaphan's  honer-man Dr. Collin McIntyre, the Kempinski hotel (ICDC) facility was successfully completed. As to whether or not the operational Kempinski hotel has delivered the jobs and economic boost promised by the government and developer is a conversation circumvented and we will talk about it in the near future, but we want the public to know that while DLP propagandists would like to portrait the Kempinski Hotel as sort of a Venetian Palazzo, behind closed doors government officials are claiming the Kempinski Hotel ((ICDC) underperforming.

We can report that as the Government of Dominica and its electrical services company Domlec are desperately trying to mollify the electricity crisis in Dominica, government officials went to the Kempinski Hotel operation management demanding the use of the hotel generators to augment the electrical power generation in the north of the island and the request was emphatically rejected. Our sources have indicated that the insolence of the government officials towards Kempinski operations management made matters worse when during a meeting the government officials churlishly stated “the hotel is empty and so Kempinski doesn’t need their generators."

Having been denied the use of Kempinski’s generators the government sort to use generators at Ross University but according to sources the Ross University generators would not suffice.

OK No pussyfooting here- Domlec is in such predicament because the company is now controlled by an incompetent and corrupt government administration, one that has bankrupted the Dominican economy. Without having to get deeply analytical we can simply connect the dots. Prior to government absolute control of Domlec, the company never went through such a crisis. Everyone knows that the Dominica government is financially decapitated and as with all other public service areas the hospitals, schools etc government can’t provide the financial intervention to keep Domlec fully functional.  Proposals to buy generators out of Germany on an expedited basis fell flat for the very same reason – Businesses are not willing to accept government IOU’s. 

Once upon a time Superman Anthony Haiden or whatever his real name is would come to our rescue - Where is Anthony Haiden MMCE and our offshore treasury???  We will talk about that after the first week of October.  

We have since heard and in sort of a bombastic manner that the government of Dominica has come in to save the day and has provided Domlec with a generator. In the interest of transparency, the public should know that it’s the Windsor Park stadium generator that the government gave to Domlec.

The irony of the day-A government that spends an average of US$25 million of the people’s money to steal and hijack "Political Power " dont have the money today to provide basic and reliable Electrical Power for it’s people” What A Wow.

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