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Not Brokes-King Jung Coon

Unfinished Anichi- We Prefer Call It The Atrocity Hotel

Who needs the IMF to declare Dominica a failed state when the evidence is clear. The manifestation of struggling state institutions unable to meet basic functions, flourishing corruption and a non-productive economic environment are clear signs of a failed economy.

The local treasury is empty and we are begging Mr. Abdullah Salaam Alaikum, Salaam Alaikum  bring us some of our money from our overseas treasury.

How did we get there though?

 Conventional wisdom teaches that countries plagued by corruption are unable to utilize their human and financial resources to attract meaningful investment. Two decades of a frivolous government administration and the only investors that the country has been able to attract are the passport selling hawks who come empty handed and exit with cart Blanche contracts to sell our passports through an enclave of money laundering and racketeering. Seven billion and counting from the sale of passports yet all there is to show are functionally obsolete infrastructure -some scrummy built residential complexes with severe hazardous health and safety conditions, several cases of white elephant hotel projects and "dotty " rich government politicians their families, friends and lawyers. 

The former Kempinski Hotel which was completed in 2019 has brought very little value even after the so-called investor got free land and more than 800 passports at an estimated value of US $200 Million. The estimated cost of the hotel -roughly US$60 Million. Do the math, go figure what happened to an estimated overage of US$140 million and while you are it don’t forget the  Palo Zampoli  New York Court filing factor. 

Let's also keep our eyes on the passport funded Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort by the former minister of government, partner in crime with PM Skerrit and Little Tony’s "Hornerman" Dr. Collin McIntyre. The 72 room 5-star hotel construction started in 2019 and was schedule to compete in 36 months; that would have been 2022 and we are now in 2024 and the hotel is far from beneficial completion.  According to our investigation Tony’s unrepentant “Hornerman” Collin McIntyre and his Russian partner Alexander Bernstein received a first tranche of 500 passports – estimated value US $125 Million. Two years later Collin and Bernstein allegedly received another 300 passports for the same project, an added US $75 Million.

As far as the public is aware the  Morocco Hotel was not a CBI (passport) funded hotel. The government said that it was funded by the government of Morocco – looking back we can only laugh at ourselves for being fooled by nincompoops. We know now that this unfinished, derelict eyesore hotel in the town of Portsmouth was just another passport side gig where passport agents "mamaguy" our political leaders and took the money and run. You know who could tell the story on this embarrassing Morocco hotel project and the scam investors – ask Cecil Joseph. Cecil we are warning you – you never know when you are recorded by your own colleagues, Just like they did to Reginald Austrie. 

The successfully completed new Jungle Bay Resort may appear to be an aberration however as we sift through the dark cloud of secrecy, we must ask the owner and ongoing passport seller Sam Raffael if his current hotel operation would be sustainable without the revenues from the ongoing sale of passports or what they conveniently refer to as the continuous selling of shares?  Eskamotere qui zor ye

Another CBI funded resort in Portsmouth recently sent home almost 70 percent of the staff.  The owner, one of the business elites and a privileged Skerrit apologist. 

No skin off their backs even if those hotels go belly up -they have all made their millions in passport sales and commissions. As for te Dominican people  TF with them.

The Biggest White Elephant in The Room 

Several times we have reported on the disgraceful Anichi Hotel project. In the words of a former construction worker at the Anichi site them man there building a five star hotel and have us going and buy 5 bars of steel and three bag of cement. All you not seeing that is a joke then What the construction worker referred to as a joke is really an atrocity of epic proportion. No longer Anichi Hotel - We can now refer to it as The  Atrocity Hotel

What is even more disgusting is that at the head of this Anichi Hotel atrocity is Alick Lawrence , the man who wrote the book titled “The Constitution, The Government & You” In this book Alick accentuated the transparency in government, the value in moral excellence and civic duties. He championed the value of patriotism, the importance of building and maintaining our institutions of democracy. He also pointed out that government has a solemn duty to protect the country’s resources including environment, land , minerals, water etc. We can all agree that the CBI revenues should be at the top of the list of valuable resources notwithstanding the fact that he Alick has been involved CBI business from its inception.

Since in his book Alick objected to selling of our resources for private gain it is encumbered on him to tell us WTF is going on with the Anichi Hotel. We have been reliably informed that a trusted CBI agent out of Dubai allegedly made off with Millions of dollars from passport revenues and Alick Lawrence is allegedly left holding a sac vid (an empty bag).

If the allegations are true well Mr. Senior Counsel of moral principle and patriotism, things are bad in Dominica, and we need that money.  Will you take legal action to help recover our CBI money or should we appeal to the absconding  Mr Abdullah in Dubai to bring back the alleged stolen money for the Atrocity Hotel. If you don't Mr Alick Lawrence sir your legacy will be sealed as The Greatest Hypocrite Ever.  

The message is clear. After a government enabled gulping and misappropriation of billions of dollars from the sale of CBI passports the Dominican economy is in collapse, the people are broke and languishing in poverty, but one man and his cronies are not broke at all.

Luxottica Leak

That one man we have a question for him you know– Mr Skerrit what ties do you have with this Physical address in Miami Florida. 19505 Biscayne Blvd Miami Fl.

We notice that your name and Melissa’s was included in the Luxottica leak and it all make sense to us. Melissa’s Adress is shown in the leaked documents as (1535 Broadway New York New York). Your address  Mr Skerrit (King Jong Coon) -19505 Biscayne Blvd Miami Fl.)

For those who didn’t know “Luxottica is the world’s largest eyewear company, glasses, and prescription frames maker, and the owner of popular brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley, Chanel, Prada, Versace, Dolce and Gabbana, Burberry, Giorgio Armani, Michael Kors, and many other.

We knew of the battle that took place between Melissa and the high roller concubine lawyer over who wears the most expensive sunglasses. The concubine lawyer confessed that she received as a gift $5000 sunglasses similar to what the Melissa was flaunting in her “statement making “on Facebook.  

In 2023 the Eyecare giant admitted being impacted by data breach in 2021. Through maize of leaked information are the names of Roosevelt Skerrit and Melissa Skerrit. I didn’t see the names of Broke Bottom Brain, Broke Daryl Titre, Simeone Albert , Clarence Christian, Cleville Mills let alone the name of any off the struggling NEP employees in Dominica.

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