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In July of last year 2023 the UK imposed visa requirements for Citizens of Dominica and the underlying reason being the roguish and criminal activities involving the Roosevelt Skerrit his administration, the scoundrel CBI passport agents and CBI passport promoters.

Immediately following the visa sanctions citizens of Dominica from all over the world saw activist Trevor Tossy Johnson become the first Dominican citizen(born) to be seriously impacted by the UK’s travel restrictions. While Trevor Johnson’s inconvenience and his online activities may have been transcribed by some people as another one of Tossy’s antics, it was impossible to ignore the underlying message - The people of Dominica had been driven off a cliff by a set of rogues.

One question we kept asking is – when will those (the few scoundrels) who are directly responsible for putting the rest of us in this extremely difficult situation be held accountable – when will we the innocent citizens begin to see direct sanctions on those organized crooks selling our passports?

MiTC has been reliably informed that on Tuesday of this week Emmanuel Nanthan and Alick Lawrence were both deported from the UK. Both men were allegedly on travel to Dubai and had to transit in the UK and upon arrival they were informed of their Persona Non-Grata status, and they were immediately driven back to the next flight back to the Caribbean. According to sources in the UK both men did not even get a chance to eat a hot- dog let alone grab a pint with some fish and chips. They were on the next fight back to the islands.

In our discussion with our sources, we were also told that both men, Nanthan and Lawrence are on a list of alleged money launderers not just for the UK authorities but for the EU as a unit.  

How much more international embarrassment are we the citizens of Dominica willing to endure as a result of this reprobate Skerrit DLP administration and cronies.  After all it was not Tossy Johnson nor Samantha Robinson that was deported here. Nanthan and Alick Lawrence are essentially high government officials – both having diplomatic passports. In fact, among the CBI circle both men are regarded as the frontline operatives of Dominica’s CBI program- passport hunters attending CBI symposiums are led to believe that Nanthan is the gate man of Dominica’s CBI program and Alick Lawrence the avatar of the  program.

Both carry the title of “excellency”. A title that is reserved for heads of state, heads of government, governors, royalty, high commissioners.  In reality the embarrassing deportation of Alick Lawrence and Emmanuel Nantrhan from the UK is up there on the scandal ratings together with fugitive and now imprisoned Dominican diplomat Alireza Monfared, Dominica ambassador NG Lap Seng, Madeuke and other shady Dominican ambassadors. 

We are once again challenging the media personnel in Dominica Kurtis Mathew, Carlisle, Matt Peltier and others to follow through on this very momentous matter.   

As a patriotic Dominican my immediate reaction should be one of concern and embarrassment for my country but considering deportees Emmanuel Nanthan and Alick Lawrence are architects of the electoral fraud, political victimization, mass corruption and ultimately economic slavery in Dominica – I say “Schadenfreude “   but I would rather see them in orange jump suits for the crimes against the people of Dominica.



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