Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Two weeks ago we published an exposé about the millions of dollars passing through shell companies in England owned by Dominicans I see everyday. I remember some time ago a report came out that there were four?, I don't remember, people in Dominica who had Swiss Bank accounts. I wonder who are these people.

Anyhoo, since our report came out, our beloved Prime Minister and his band of merry men (and women) have been on a mission to distract us from what was revealed. First Tony the Rat came on the air with a special Animal Show; you should have heard him. I thought the man was about to get a heart attack. Then Skerro came out swinging like a blind-folded boxer, trying to hit anyone and anything. He missed, as usual. 

Now we have this lizard Kieron Pinard-Byrne on the attack trying to distract us with his lawyer letter. That too has failed. We have seen the light. We will not be distracted. We are determined to skin that cat. Mr. Pinard-Byrne, I hope all the money you siphoned from Layou River is in a bank overseas. 

I support Mr. Lennox Linton and I encourage all Dominicans to make their support known by donating to the fund to pay this lizard so that he can leave our country and go retire somewhere else.

For ever and ever, Amen.

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  1. Dominicans, let Clint know that we are readers of this blog by commenting...forget about DNO.


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