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Buy 2  Just For You-Who Cares 

The passport trade brought in huge amounts of revenue for the passport agents and there is no doubt that the ECP/CBI  program has attracted a gallery of rogues , scoundrels, fugitives, CBI (Criminals Buying Immunity) ,tax evaders , and Mafioso. As recently as last week the Canadian government deported an Iranian woman with a Dominica passport which was purchase out of Dubai. But this matter is for another day may be Mahdis Jeddy(Monday, Thursday). 

With the wanton selling of passports to anyone with the financial means very wealthy individuals with insidious intentions may have purchase multiple passports in order to create multiple identities.    

According to an online report by it appears that one Chinese national may be brandishing two different regular passports from the Commonwealth of Dominica. Documents show that in a revised version of his 2008 annual filing with  the Hong Kong Companies Registry( HKCR),the Chairman and CEO of American Oriental Bioengineering, Inc. Shujun "Tony" Liu  submitted his Commonwealth Of Dominica Passport Number  081753  as director of American Oriental Bioengineering (Hong Kong) Limited. (NYSE: AOB), ") The HKCR also show that Shujun "Tony" Liu has filed as director of at least nine different companies in Hong Kong. It is also alleged that Five out of these  nine companies are indirect subsidiaries of AOB..

In a 2004 filing someone who goes by the name of Jason Lui filed his annual returns with HKCR as director of a company called Silver Linkage Holdings Limited.  In this case Jason Lui used his Commonwealth Of Dominica Passport Number 081755.  Note the difference between the two passports  081753 and 081755, two digits apart.

Many believe that Jason Lui and Shujun "Tony" Liu is the same person. According to filing documents Silver Linkage is not listed as a subsidiary of AOB however the filing reports show that the key players listed with Silver Linkage Holdings Limited are Tony  Liu ,The CFO of AOB, Co-Founder of  AOB and director of AOB, an AOB co-founder and director, and one of AOB's independent directors.  Filing documents also show that AOB’s Chairman Tony Liu is the controlling shareholder for Silver Linkage Holdings Limited . In a separate report by Asensio .com it is stated that in a 2008 HKCR filings Jason Liu transferred his Silver Linkage shares to Tony Liu in 2008.

Dominica Passport 081755

The name Jason Liu appeared as an employee of a company called Warner Technology and Investment Corp and also as a consultant to another company called American Union Securities. In another finding the company AOB and another entity named CAXG appear to be connected to Warner Technology and Investment Corp. and possibly American Union Securities.

According to “ Some have questioned the reason why the chairman and CEO of a New York Stock Exchange listed company  would use multiple passports in regulatory filings for Hong Kong companies with several  subsidiaries of AOB. There is also curiosity as to why Tony Lui would have a passport from Dominica at all.” At the least, it raises an appearance of inappropriateness and suggests Mr. Liu is not sufficiently counseled on corporate governance standards acceptable to U.S. investors.”

If it is that Jason  Lui and Shujun "Tony" Liu is the same person holding two  different regular passports from Dominica there should be no surprises at all as it is common knowledge that the ECP/CBI vetting process had been a sham for many years and passport sellers had been chasing the overnight millionaire status while shooting from the hip.

It is not beyond reason to perceive one rich individual having multiple Dominican passports in an environment where “L’argent ka fen wosh marchais” or “Money Talk Bull Sh**t walk.” It is for this reason and more that the government of Dominica must allow a public inquiry into the passport selling program. Let the Pandora’s box open up so we can weed out the bad passports in the hands of dangerous men and women and to flush out the rotten passport selling agents, the DLP politicians, lawyers , Russians and coordinators- almost all of them .

In a truly functional democracy we expect the commissioner of police to conduct an investigation into the allegation of one Chinese national having two different Dominica passports -  passport  numbers  081753 and 081755. This investigation does not require a smart police officer, in fact given an integrity tablet even Cleville Mills can come up with a conclusive investigative report.



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