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It was the Baby Sarah expose that brought to the public attention that the ministers of government are using The Baby Sarah Unit  of the Maniku Gang to intimidate and harass any young man who show interest in Baby Sarah’s mom. The Maniku Gang is a faction of the police force acting as mercenaries and henchmen for the Dominica Labor Party. The Baby Sarah Unit  was even employed to do stakeout at Baby Sarah’s residence to insure that Baby Sarah’s mom would not see or date other men  

There are countless stories of another faction of the Maniku Gang -The Pimp Unit that wase assigned to transport young girls to and from Morne Bruce when Roosevelt Skerrit resided at the official PM residence in Morne Bruce.

We have also uncovered another small unit within the Maniku Gang – The R-9 Unit specifically tasked with the responsibility to keep a lady in the north of the island gagged and away from another minister of government. 

The lady is very much intimidated but we were able to get an account of her history with the minister of government and why the R-9 Unit tried to suppress her.

In her words she approached the minister asking for housing assistance. In a crude but innocent manner she said to him  . 

You giving all kind of people house and apartment but you playing like I am nobody. Look at my condition, all like today is you that have me so. How you can forget me nuh, how you can forget me.”

That is what I ask him wee and he start to shout at me. Next thing he made  some policemen come and warn me. Them policeman even telling me when I see him don’t have anything to say to him again.

All I ask him for is an apartment he forget what he do to me”

The lady was reluctant to share her experience but what followed next was jaw dropping for our team of reporters.  

According to the lady when she was about 16 years old she was raped by that minister of government and she bore a son for him. We learn from her that the son is now a soldier in the US military.

The rape incident happened while she was waiting for her boyfriend ,her crush at the time. While awaiting her boyfriend, the minister who happen to be a close friend of the boyfriend arrived and immediately started ripping her clothes off and forcefully raped her.

I cried so much. The next thing I finding out I pregnant

My family help raise the child and he never even ask me what I selling”

His father ,my son grandfather heard about the child and when he come see the child right away he said that is my grandson but he (the minister) never take care or even border with my son.”

“Is only recently he start talking with my son who is a soldier in America”

Why did the minister come to meet the young lady and not her boyfriend? 

What we learn is that the boyfriend told his friend ,the minister that he would be meeting the young lady. He told him the time and place but the minister (no surprise) double crossed his friend and went to the location to meet the young lady before the boyfriend got there. Even after all these years we sensed the pain as she relayed the event

In the interest of protecting the identity of the lady , her son and family members we won’t call out the minister by name. What we will do is that we will ask that minister to stand up and identify himself if he was the same minister who provided a young lady with two checks one for about $60,000 and another for about $32,000. The young lady used some of that money for cosmetic surgery.

We want to ask that minister where did that money come from?

We also want to notify the minister that we have a lot more information to include the reasons he did not attend the funeral of a very close family member. 

When you live in a Glass house Don’t throw stones and stop being that empty barrel making insignificant noises. 

Take warning and en la Mystelics Fashion Stop Your Dotty ways  

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