Saturday, October 17, 2015

DLP Talking Heads

DLP surrogates as well as pundits - the likes of Bottom Brain, seemingly hinge their beliefs on the illusion that much like Julien Giraud's refusal to incriminate his buddy Ambrose George, Ng Lap-Seng won't unmask his true affiliations with Skerro. 

They are, however, either missing or consciously omitting two (2) pivotal factors which separate both scenarios. Firstly, Mr. Lap-Seng is Chinese and not Dominican - hence he holds no significant allegiance to Roosevelt Skerrit. More importantly, though, is the notion that whether Ng decides to or refuses to come clean with the Feds makes absolutely no difference. What really matters is that the FBI may have already amassed the necessary intelligence required to build a formidable case against the PM - if he is indeed an accomplice; and, that's what matters really. There is no ace in the hole here.

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  1. That is the crux of the matter. These apologists must find out where the $1M US stuck in the Queens Bank came from and why it cannot be touched.


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