Sunday, October 18, 2015

Let them Pay for their Tongues

Now that the Privy Council rendered a verdict that is devoid of justice, Dominica's own parasite-at-large Tony "the tick" Astaphan is promising lawsuits across the board, all presumably aimed at people who he believes are his political enemies. As to whether that gas bag intends to go through with his absurd threats or whether he's just farting, as he does on cue and with precision, is anyone's guess; after all, just saying that you're going to sue is one thing, having the evidence to put forth a case that would, when judgment is handed down, in your favour, that's quite another. One thing we know here at MITC is that Dr. Thomson Fontaine has enough evidence to pursue a lawsuit against a phalanx of rogues, so much evidence that he could sell some.

And we strongly encourage the good doctor to proceed on this path. These rogues have taken liberty over the past few years, maligning and vilifying him, making false allegations with the explicit intent of destroying his character. And we're not just talking about the usual suspects; we want the doctor to cast a wide net; Facebook gangsters like Paul Alexander, Samantha Robinson, must be included. Radio and media prognosticators like Simeon Albert, Frankie Bellot, Kamala & Philbert Aaron, Mervin Paul, are all to be swept up. And let's not exclude mental midgets NAN Ducreay, the Voice, and of course, Mammie. They all like to talk; well let them pay for their mouth.

You may not get verdicts against them all, but you will surely get them to spend substantial amounts of money on legal fees that ought to make them take notice.

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  1. How did Dr A end up right behind Skerro and Seemeyawn? I am certain that they are not comfortable with mister soo close behind them. He would be much happier in front of them fellas.


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