Saturday, October 10, 2015

A Tale of Two Storms

Tropical Storm Erika hit Dominica hard, no question about it. In such times, the international community rallies to the assistance of countries like ours in the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster. No one shows up quicker than the Americans; they are at the vanguard of any emergency response, and that's a fact.

So it was with some surprise and quite a bit of incredulity that we noticed that the Americans, a mere few hundred miles away from Dominica, we no where to be seen in the hours and days after Erika. Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, after a long silence and after questions were being raised as to whether the government had reached out to the Americans for assistance, proceeded to lie to Dominicans.

How do I know he lied? Well, it's simple. In his first sequence of responses to this question, Skerrit did not say he reached out to the Americans. Instead, he couched his answer by saying that he reached out to everyone. And the media let him slide, as usual. Note to media; when you ask a question that mandates a specific response, any answer that does not specifically address the question is an obvious attempt to mask something, so press on. Okay?

But let's face it; even if he did not ask, the Americans always extend their hands of support and assistance, so not seeing it in Dominica was, to me, a shock to the system. I know first-hand how the Americans put their all into relief efforts; as soon as the winds of Hurricane David died down, the Americans were on the ground coordinating assistance. They were there, not only distributing supplies, but were also rebuilding structures that were damaged; I know because I personally worked with the Naval Construction battalion, the Seabees, on the Princess Margaret Hospital. Skerrit has continued to perpetuate this lie about the US here in Dominica assisting. Where are they? I see the French, I see the British, I see the Venezuelans.

Where are our true friends the Americans? Anyone see the Seabees anywhere? Or the Army Corps of Engineers, who would fit right in with the reconstruction of our roads and bridges? Anyone?

Now, look at the Bahamas; look how fast the Americans showed up there over the weekend after the passage of Hurricane Joaquin. You haven't seen yet? Take a look; here's an advance team in the Bahamas immediately after the winds died down, allowing their helicopters to land.

Anyone see this on Dominica? The answer is no! I didn't see this, and I've been looking. I've got good vision. I can spot a helicopter, and I know the American flag. But you know who landed?

That's right. Take a look at the three stooges, all looking constipated.

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