Sunday, April 10, 2016

No Greater Liar Exists

From Left: Vince Henderson, Nivin Ali, Roosevelt Skerrit, Aly Dakroury

How do you know when Roosevelt Skerrit is lying? His lips are moving. And it does not matter whether he is awake or not; he lies in his dreams as well. Mr. Skerrit is on record telling Arabs visiting the Dubai offices of CT Trust Global (CTTG) that a Dominican passport holder can travel to 120 countries visa-free. He also stated that he is in talks with other countries so that by the end of 2016 Dominican citizens can travel to almost 250 countries. Considering that there are 196 countries in the world presently, one wonders where the additional 54 countries are located.

Source: CT Trust Global website

In early March, Roosevelt Skerrit was in Dubai promoting what, from all indications, appear to be his personal business enterprise. His company, Dominica Incorporated, sells the country's passports and citizenship through a web of agents, including CTTG. CTTG is headed by Aly Dakroury and his wife Nivin Ali. Roosevelt's personal lawyer Alick Lawrence is also a director of the company.

Source: CT Trust Global website

Accompanying Mr. Skerrit and Mr. Lawrence were two Dominican residents of New Jersey, the husband and wife team of Bernard "Dixon" Sylvester and Angela Sylvester, a JPMorganChase executive. Inquiries made of a Sylvester family member indicated to us that the Sylvesters were on holiday in Dubai but the evidence we have collected prove otherwise; the Sylvesters were part of a marketing team headed by Mr. Skerrit, who arrived in Dubai fresh after purchasing his Punjabi doctorate. Question; did Mrs. Sylvester in any way tout her JPMorganChase connection to the benefit of Mr. Skerrit in his attempt to siphon money away from wealthy investors? JPMorganChase ethics officials might be interested in the answer to this question.
Husband & Wife sales team Bernard Sylvester (l.) & Angela Sylvester (r.)

The purpose of the March conference was the launch of the Silver Beach Hotel Resort Project. The hotel, to be located next to Ross University, will be a 200-room development and construction will begin in September. So says Alick Lawrence.
Source: CT Trust Global website

In his presentation, Mr. Skerrit told the gathering that as Dominican citizens they enjoy all the rights of any other Dominican, including natural-born citizens. Does that mean that they can vote in our elections?
Source: CT Trust Global website

He further went on to declare to the conference participants that their contributions to date have assisted with the maintenance of Dominica's infrastructure, especially after the passage of Tropical Storm Erika. He went on to say that the proceeds have been used to sustain the NEP where "we introduce hundreds of young men and women living on the island to the wonderful world of work". Breathtaking.

Source: CT Trust Global website

Mr. Skerrit's ability to lie can only be compared to a person's instinct to breathe; it is that natural to him. It is safe to say that Dominica has never seen or experienced a pathological liar like Roosevelt Skerrit. That Dominicans continue to sit on their hands and accept this says a lot about us. You are a people who love to call on God yet you do not live up to nor do you demand from Mr. Skerrit adherence to the 10 Commandments that you swear by;

"Thou shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain"

"Thou shall not steal"

"Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbour"

Dominicans, you are hypocrites. You deserve what you get for tolerating Mr. Skerrit.

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  1. Alick Lawrence, the lawyer? I always thought he was from Dominica where the official language is English. Given the way he speaks, I'm assuming English is not his first language. Someone please correct me if I'm which case he should probably seek the assistance of his colleague, Anthony Astaphan, on improving his English language skills. Of course, Mr. Astaphan would not be offering his service for free, but with all the money Mr. Lawrence has gained from the sale of passports, he should have no problem meeting the expense. I recognize, however, that Mr. Lawrence's speaking skills are the least of Dominica's problems. It's just embarrassing that not only do we have people going around the world selling our citizenship like some cheap commodity; but that those handling our nation's most prized possession are not even capable of speaking a few words intelligently. There must be the perception, by some at least, that Dominicans must be a very stupid people.


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