Friday, December 30, 2016

They're shitting bricks

Anticipating a less-than-generous review of his CBI programme on CBS's 60 Minutes, Roosevelt Skerrit has unleashed his minions to provide cover and spin in defense of the program. Anthony Astaphan, sounding like he was under the influence of alcohol or some narcotic, emerged from his latrine and stuck his head out long enough to deliver a flurry of insults and bullshit that has become known for. Nothing new here.

On Facebook, Tourism minister Robert Tonge is embarrassing himself in a manner that we did not expect, even for this incompetent buffoon. Mr. Tonge has taken to comparing Dominica's CBI programme, which grants immediate citizenship to anyone willing to shell out $100,000 to the Immigration Investment programme of the United States, which grants Permanent residence, aka a Green Card, to an investor who makes an investment in the United States that actually creates jobs.

Robert Tonge's Facebook post
Mr. Tonge, can you read? Can you understand what you read? How sharp are your comprehension skills? We have to ask this because you are comparing two different systems. The United States programme does not grant citizenship to an investor; in grants Permanent Residence with an opportunity to become a citizen. Furthermore, the investor must establish a business and create a minimum of 10 full-time jobs for two years. Could you show us where our program does the same. You are a fool Robbie; an embarrassment to your family and the nation. Do you dribble on yourself too?

The CBS programme has not aired but Mr. Skerrit's propaganda squad is out in force blowing smoke up our asses. What they're not telling us is that Mr. Skerrit was asked by CBS for an interview for the 60 Minutes special but he refused. We know that because we have been told so by a 60 Minutes producer. Mr. Skerrit could not face a real journalist who would have asked him hard questions. He would have been on camera and would undoubtedly have been embarrassed around the world. Mr. Skerrit continues to prove to us that he is nothing but a little boy in a grown man's suit.

In stark contrast to Mr. Skerrit's disappearing act, UWP leader Lennox Linton made himself available to be interviewed by Mr. Kroft. It is clear to us that there is a significant difference in character between the two men; one is a coward, the other a man. Mr. Skerrit may present himself as a king in Dominica but he is clearly a mouse when he is exposed to the outside world.

Mr. Skerrit, Steve Kroft is not Curtis Matthew or Kamala Jno.Baptiste; he is the consummate professional. Your spin doctors cannot save you from Sunday night's embarrassment; Mr. Kroft will tell his viewers that CBS tried to get in touch with you but you ran away. You can run but you cannot hide.

We encourage our brothers and sisters to tune in to CBS this Sunday, January 1st, at 7:00pm, New York time. However, if DOMLEC suddenly has a power outage at that time, we will inform you where you could find a rebroadcast of the programme.

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  1. Hugwash!!! Skerrit would have been more than happy to explain the program to the world!!!! We shall hear, don't get carried away MiTC!!!! Remember Lennox knows NOTHING ABOUT THE PROGRAM so the questions may have been very difficult for him, so Kroft kept putting words in his mouth making him look weak!!!! That's my view, and remember Antigua was also interviewed!!!

    1. Really Skerrit would have been happy to get on the interview?
      So Steve Kroft interview officials of the St z Kitts government and Antigua'so but choose Lennox instead of an official from the government of Dominica. Ebeh Steve Kroftis a,workers

  2. So what is the,big deal about cbs interview Lennox So who cares boir kano

  3. Anonymous, you claim Mr. Lennox Linton knows nothing about the program. I hope you will advise Skeritt to have an interview with CBS at some time. Don't send Vince and don't go to DBS or Kairi to correct any information he believes was incorrect.


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