Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Mr. Skerrit's Supporters

We're in the process of putting together our thoughts on the events of the last few days, vis-a-vis the CBS 60 Minutes interview, but before we posted our thoughts, we thought it necessary to bring to you the basic level of ignorance being exhibited by the likes of Vince Henderson, Anthony Astaphan and this man, one of my neighbors in London, Mr. Curtis Phillip.

Mr. Phillip has decided to document his views on what should become of Mr. Linton as well as other members of the United Workers Party. Mr. Phillip's words are a direct threat to the lives of Mr. Linton, Dr. Fontaine and others and there can be no question that should anything befall these gentlemen and women of the UWP, the blame squarely falls at the feet of Vince Henderson and Anthony Astaphan. Mr. Linton and others must also keep an eye on Mr. Deryck St. Rose of the Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force, who, upon viewing Mr. Phillip's video on Facebook, "loved" it. Can we presume from his actions that Mr. St. Rose would like to see Mr. Linton's life expired? We believe that is a safe assumption.

The violent words of Mr. Philip, who hails from St. Joseph, can directly be attributed to what spewed from the mouths of Henderson and Astaphan. We want to express our concern for Mr. Linton and urge his family and supporters to be on guard for replicas of Mr. Curtis Philip. We encourage Mr. Linton and other members of the United Workers Party to file reports with both the CDPF and Scotland Yard; we need to arrest this immediately.

See Mr. Phillip's video below.

To view the video on YouTube, click this link:

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  1. An uneducated fool, a buffoon who has no regards to law and order. I concur the British authorities aught to find him quick and interrogate him. He's no difference to ISIS.

  2. Interesting that Curtis Philip likes the way things are done in the Philippines but chooses to live in England. Why? Because, in England, he enjoys the protections that he is asking for Mr. Linton and others to be deprived of. In fact, he actually calls for their execution! Sounds a lot like some who have been trained by ISIS. I hope Scotland yard is watching this guy!

  3. Curtis Phillip has publicly called for the execution of an elected Official and an appointed member in the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Dominica. Threats against public Officials are never to be taken lightly as is demonstrated in the United States whenever such threats are made. Curtis Phillip MUST be investigated, arrested, interrogated and charged!!! If or when he, Mr. Curtis Phillip, is convicted of terrorist threats against an elected Official he should subsequently be deported after serving his sentence in the U.K.. On his return to Dominica he then should be made to report to the Police as he would still be considered a threat to the Leader of the Opposition, other party members and supporters!

  4. he looks and sounds as an ass


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