Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A Joking Apology

Curtis Phillip, the man who has called for the execution of several Members of Parliament in Dominica, has once again taken to video to issue what he hopes is an apology. In this newly-released clip, Mr. Phillip is seen "apologizing" to Mr. Lennox Linton and Dr. Thomson Fontaine while simultaneously smiling. What are you apologizing for Mr. Phillip? That you were found out? Or that Scotland Yard may want to have a conversation with you? Sir, don't you know that once MiTC gets a hold of stories like this we will let the world know about your thoughts? You should not have been caught off-guard by the rapid dissemination of this newsworthy story.

Someone needs to explain to Mr. Phillip that it is essential to appear contrite and genuine when issuing an apology, lest one that is being done in the hopes of reversing the damage caused by issuing what amounts to a Fatwa on elected representatives of the people. It also does not help his "apology" when you conclude by saying "rogers and out". This is not a game.

Here is Mr. Phillips' "apology":

Click on this link to view on YouTube:

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  1. OMG! Is anyone, far less Mr. Linton, going to accept this as an apology? Mr. Phillip's friends and relatives must have advised him of the seriousness of his utterances and the legal troubles he could potentially find himself in so he is now making this lame attempt to save his skin! Seriously? Smiling while apologizing for having called for the execution of an innocent man and his family and colleagues? "Roger and out"? This is no apology and should not be accepted as such!

  2. Sorry you got caught. Apology not accepted

  3. Harm already done... That's why we have to think before we speak

  4. Harm is done already we have to think before we open our mouth and speak


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