Friday, March 31, 2017


After we broke the news on the potato seed fiasco there was some scrambling at the Ministry Of Agriculture(MOA). We were told that in response to our expose the directorate actually considered sending the potato seeds to DAPEX cold storage facility as a last minute effort to salvage some of the potato seeds.  
$850 K BAM Equipment on Premix Concrete Operation

We also reported that we are aware of the serious racketeering going on within the Ministry Of Agriculture and we have been following a very suspicious operation at the Ministry Of Agriculture that involves the unscrupulous use of a brand new $850,000 earth handling equipment. That equipment in question was provided by the EU under the BAM program. The equipment was bought primarily to facilitate projects under the BAM program and for the government use in the development of agriculture.

Several weeks ago we received confidential information that the equipment was assigned to a friend and crony of the DLP who in turn is allowed to use the equipment to work both BAM and even private projects. We held on to the information in order to further monitor the operation and movement of the equipment. However today we received credible information that the EU office has had enough of the abuse and corruption and has issued an order to retrieve the equipment. We have been told that the EU office has ask the Ministry Of Agriculture to return  the keys for the said equipment and they have made arrangements to have the equipment pick up and returned to a designated location.
Before we disclose all that we know we would like to pose a few questions and we hope that the office and directors of  the BAM program can delve deeper into the miasma of corruption surrounding the Ministry Of Agriculture and the BAM program.

To the Office of the BAM  program- Is it true that your office became very suspicious that moneys drawn down from the EU fund include charges for the use of the very same equipment?
To the Office of the BAM  program-Is true that the equipment operator would bill the EU program for time and Equipment?

To the Office of the BAM  program-Is it true that your office had been very uncomfortable with the fact that equipment had been used to facilitate private interests?

To the MOA-How much did the PS and the director in the Ministry Of Agriculture know about the unscrupulous use and assignment of this equipment?

To the MOA- Was the equipment also assigned to a company contracted and paid by the BAM program and is there any documentation or back charges for use of the equipment by this particular contractor?

To the MOA- Is it true that the said equipment was allowed to work a private gig 145 hours @$275.00 per hour and that certain top officials at the Ministry Of Agriculture are fully involved in facilitating this private arrangement?.

We do have the answers  and detail for the above questions but we are going to leave the questions open for now as we are preparing to forward the information to the regional office in Barbados. We are also aware that BAM official from the head office in Rome are scheduled to be in Dominica by mid-April and we intend to provide them with the hard evidence of corruption before they get to Dominica. We also expect the BAM office in Dominica to make a public statement on this matter.  

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  1. Dr. Kermit D. Frog,Phd.,:

    Another scathing article is published; clearly detailing the systematic economic and democratic decline of the Commonwealth of Dominica brought about by a rogue Government Regime propped up by greedy "elites" and poor ignorant supporters.

    Yet before the ink could completely dry on the paper where these words were originally written, Anthony W. Astaphan, the chief Defender and Puppet Master of the beleaguered Prime Minister, Roosevelt M. Skerrit jumps out to denigrate and insult the author.

    In his rage, Anthony W. Astaphan is unable to think straight much less spell correctly! "Thios is shocking ignorance even from a partisan zealiot who spends her time on Facebook spouting naked bile and garbage again Prime Minisdtyer Skerrit"...My God what is Anthony trying to say?

    You see, Anthony W. Astaphan, the so-called Senior Counsel, is a not too smart "Dominican" (Some question his place of birth) Attorney of Arabian descent who, through his record of past utterances, appears to have serious disdain for educated people of African descent. Mr. Astaphan also fancies himself as part of the Dominican "Elites" as he comes from a family who have gained much success and amassed much wealth on the backs of the black and Kalinago (Indigenous Dominicans) people whom he despises and denigrates today.

    Yet, Anthony W. Astaphan's insults do not change facts. The facts are that Dominica is in an economic crisis, the Country has almost no sustainable internal economic growth engines that create jobs or bring foreign exchange revenues, the Agricultural and Tourism sectors has been on a steady decline and continues to struggle, the electoral process is manipulated by the current Government and tampered with by people like Anthony W. Astaphan himself, and the list goes on and on.

    Astaphan's futile attempts to defend the indefensible is, at most times, quite laughable. Yet, at times when you think about how racist he is you end up hating the way he uses his title as Senior Counsel to fool, mislead and manipulate the less educated, especially the poor and ignorant supporters of Roosevelt Skerrit who literally worship the very person who has been deliberately keeping them in poverty!

    Now as the Roosevelt Skerrit Administration is embarking on a gift and cash giving campaign, throwing piles of cash in the faces of the poor and desperate, in an effort to erase the shame and scorn of Skerrit's transgressions re his questionable diplomatic appointments, the International Community continues to keep a close eye on his administration and possible investigations, indictments, arrests and prosecution are definitely not far fetched!

    Closer to home, however, there is a large and growing segment of the Dominican electorate who will be meeting today (Thursday 30th, March, 2017) to demand the immediate resignation of Prime Minister Skerrit and his Cabinet of enablers who support and condone his nefarious activities as the head of Government. These kind of meetings do not escape the attention of the International Community and places Skerrit, his Cabinet Ministers, and a behind the scene bevy of greedy PASSPORT SELLING ATTORNEYS AND AGENTS under immense pressure.

    Yet, even after Skerrit has indicated clearly to Anthony W. Astaphan that he no longer has faith in Astaphan's ability to spin and manipulate by hiring a prominent New York Public Relations firm (Mercury) to handle these negative reports, Astaphan is still out here pretending to be relevant and important...talking about emailing pdf's of the Author's Facebook posts. Yet, people stopped listening to this racist buffoon for quite some time now. I suggest that the Administrators/Editors of Caribbean News Now do the same and simply ignore this Senior Clown!!!!

  2. Thanks for imforming us of whats going on jn Dominica where live `cause we are clueless to whats going on.

  3. Good investigative work. Keep the pressure up. I miss when lennox did that type in stuff


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