Wednesday, April 5, 2017


We promise that if the Prime Minister will not fix the corruption and racketeering at the Ministry of Agriculture we will let the public know what is going on.
We are not sure how much authority the Minister of Agriculture (MOA) has over the PM Skerrit’s hand-picked senior officer however we will follow protocol by first asking the honorable Minister Drigo the following questions.
Mr. Drigo:  Are you aware that a top level officer in the MOA is submitting mileage claim for a vehicle Registration # PG-129 and do you know that this vehicle Reg # PG-129 has been out of commission for almost two years?
We checked that vehicle status and this vehicle is now being used for spare parts. In fact that vehicle is shown at the Traffic Department system as out of commission since license, registration and insurance has expired for two years.
Mr. Drigo:  Have you been notified that this particular top level officer is using government vehicles as his personal vehicle and is claiming vehicle and mileage allowance even as he continues to use government vehicles like they belong to him.
What is even more troubling is that this particular top level officer is responsible for denying vehicle and mileage claims by genuine and deserving public servant at the MOA.
Hot Plate 
We also notice that this particular top level official  changes the government vehicles every so often so as to disguise his operation. .
Mr. Drigo: Are the farmers and tax payers of Dominica responsible for picking up the tab when top level official decide to utilize or squat at a government facility in La Plain like it is their own private dwelling house– running utilities with AC unit on all weekend and utilizing a hot plate to cook meals.
We understand that due to domestic issues this top level official has taken up residence at the government facility particularly on weekends.
One may ask what is the purpose of our inquiry or why are we putting such information out in the public domain. The reason we are doing so is because we firmly believe that shame still has the ability to bring meaningful changes. We are at a dangerous point in Dominica where corruption is considered a normal and acceptable phenomenon. There is no doubt that the decaying socioeconomic situation in Dominica is indeed a manifestation of the leadership and institutional calamities, misuse of power, mediocrity, greed and corruption. In order to clean up this mess we must begin fumigation and disinfestation at the top level positions.
We hope that this top level official at the MOA will begin to focus on truly bringing value to the MOA as oppose to using his authority solely for personal gain. We also hope that in spite of the PM’s relationship with this top level official the Minister Drigo will stand up (when cock grow teeth) against the racketeering in the MOA. 
REMINDER: Can the Director in the Ministry Of Agriculture confirm whether or not the keys for the brand new earth handling equipment was confiscated by the BAM office because of misuse and abuse of that equipment?

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