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Public Works Under Duress
The resignation of the general Manager of the Public Works Corporation (PWC), McDowell Paul did not come as a surprise to us at all. In fact we had been wondering why Mr. McDowell Paul had been hanging on to this job.
There is no doubt that very early in his tenure McDowell realized that he had entered the dungeon of doom.  The Minister for Public Works and Ports, Miriam Blanchard wasted no time in reminding McDowell that he was once her boss at the Credit Union and that now she determines whether he jumps or run. Our information suggests that up to the day of McDowell’s resignation, Minister Blanchard had not been communicating or should we say, she was not talking to McDowell at all. It must also be noted that the Minister Miriam Blanchard is not very popular particularly among the public servants at her Ministry. She is referred to as arrogant and full of hubris. A few weeks prior to the 2017 carnival the government decided to save face and do some pothole repairs. Instead of allowing the technocrats at the ministry to do the necessary prep work Miriam decided that the engineers were not doing what she thinks need to be done. So Miriam went out and  started directing the road patching operation. Well needless to say it was a display of confusion and even laughter among the road repair crew.

 We have to commend McDowell for actually thinking that he could make a significant difference at a Corporation derailed by severe financial problems-one deliberately underhanded by PM Roosevelt Skerrit. McDowell met a PWC that was running on fumes and empty promises - no money to pay workers or to even maintain the day to day operations; the government would not pay money owed to the PWC even while the “Cabinot” is boasting that the government has a lot of money.  

PWC Penniless But Some Managers  Leave With Thousands Of Dollars.
Since the setup of the PWC, we have seen our fair share of corruption as well. We know of a past manager who walked away with over $40,000 during a period when the employees had not been paid for 4 months. According to a very reliable source the PWC Corporation had just got paid for two small jobs each just over $20,000. Upon receiving the two checks the PWC employees were exuberant and thought that they were about to get paid after 4 months of not receiving a pay check. At the same time the manager was in the process of transitioning to another job at one of the ministries and demanded immediate payment of that severance package. As soon as the two checks came in, the manager went to a high ranking member of the board to have that severance check prepared. The plight of the PWC employees at that point was of no concern to this past manager nor the PWC board members. 

Some of these people  even profess to be Upper Class Christians but all they care about is staying close to Roosevelt Skerrit so that they can keep sucking the blood of the sufferers.

Minister Of Public Works -Miriam Blanchard
We are also aware of another despicable act involving the same manager. A brand new Pickup truck was purchased for an employee from Viellecase, using the PWC privileges. The sweetheart arrangement allowed that employee to own the truck but he would charge the corporation a monthly fee for use of that truck, gas and mileage included. That employee would use that monthly income to pay for the truck. A few months after receiving the truck the employee wrecked the vehicle. Again this sweetheart arrangement was done even while employees were not receiving a paycheck. There is much more to this entire arrangement but we will let Karma do what karma does. 

Wu Bought The PWC Property?

Before Miriam Blanchard and McDowell Paul, the PWC was already a failed corporation-the demise of the PWC had been well orchestrated by PM Roosevelt Skerrit. It is alleged that the entire PWC site had been sold to some Chinese for hotel development. In 2011 PM Skerrit responded to the allegations by stating That has not been settled because the matter has not come back to the cabinet for final decisions; the ministry of lands has been discussing with the interested party the final selling price.” Mr. Skerrit also promised that the PWC would be relocated. To date no word on how much the land was sold for and whether or not the PWC will be relocated.

Several General Managers have come and gone ,yet the situation at the PWC gets worse, particularly for the employees who have had to wait as much as 5 months without a pay check. Former employees at PWC are still awaiting their severance pay and their social security contributions still remain unpaid, four years after their termination. The PWC buildings have been in deplorable conditions yet the government has shown no interest in upgrading the inhumane condition at the Fond Cole site.
 From a humanitarian perspective we empathize with the PWC employees, many of them can’t pay their bills but until these employees at PWC put their interest before that foolish loyalty to Roosevelt Skerrit, then the government will continue to be treated with disdain. A new General Manager will be thrown into the fray until the Chinese bulldozers show up.   

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