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It was announced on Q95 that Sam Raphael will be meeting with Dominicans in the Tri-State area to discuss the CBI program. During the 15 years of plundering the Economic Citizenship and now CBI program, the government of Dominica never saw it fit to sit down with the people in the diaspora to have an intelligent discussion regarding this Citizenship vending program. As a matter of fact the government officials will not even entertain questions or an open discussion with the returning diaspora at the annual event at Fort Young Hotel. At least not since the gentlemanwho came  from Europe posed several questions to PM Roosevelt Skerrit that made the PM very uncomfortable.

So why is Sam Raphael taking the lead to come discuss the CBI program with the Dominicans in the Tri-State area? Sam Raphael had the chance to come speak to the diaspora between 2005 and 2012, the period in which he was facing the wrath of a vindictive PM.  It is no secret that Sam Raphael is now a “passport seller and in addition to collecting his fees as a passport agent, Sam is assigned millions of passport dollars for his new Jungle Bay Hotel project. Sam has many horses in the race and from all indication Sam Raphael is now a mild and tempered version of the garrulous Tony Astaphan- Just another parasite assigned to create smoke screens and distraction while the “Zazi Mouzai” is crippling the people and the economy.
A very reliable source from the belly of the beast  has informed us that Sam Raphael’s trip to New York and his planned round table discussion with Zead Lloyd is no coincidence. We were informed that Sam Raphael was sent to garner diaspora sympathy for the CBI program. Sam Raphael is now an acolyte of Skerrit’s  re-election strategy and Sam has over $12 million dollars worth of horses in the race - Jungle Bay One and Jungle Bay 2 so far are the favorites to win the derbys.

At this juncture we don’t believe that Zead Lloyd is a voluntary participant in this plot to bamboozle Dominicans within the diaspora.  But with Skerrit’s penchant to buy loyalty who knows?  What we now know for sure is that Zead was conveniently targeted to facilitate an easy engagement with Sam Raphael because Zead is now indebted to Roosevelt Skerrit who provided financial assistance to his sister for overseas medical treatment. Since then Zead has offered up praise and thanks to the almighty Skerrit- Yes brother Zead we notice that. We must admit it is a wise strategy to use Zead who has openly  criticized  the policies of PM Skerrit's to help patch up a broken CBI program.  Nevertheless we want to offer our sympathy to Zead and his family on the passing of his sister.
 Unfortunately Dominicans have to depend on Skerrit/one man for medical treatment, toilet, plywood, top up and a livelihood. This skerrit dependency is something that our brother Zead has so passionately rejected and so we want to believe that Zead may be an unwilling participant however  the poisonous tentacles of Roosevelt Skerrit are far reaching and so the poisonous tentacles may have infected our brother Zead.  After all we have seen so many  “Balawo” hanging off Skerrit’s poisonous tentacles -Balawos like Ambassador A, Krazy T, Charles Saverin, Parry Bellot, just to name a few.

We do understand why Roosevelt Skerrit and his goons are sending a son of the soil  and a CBI Freeloader , Sam Raphael, to convince hardworking “Diasporas” that the CBI program should remain the life blood of the Dominican economy. Certainly people like a Nuri Katz, Ivor or  Gregor Nassief, head close eyes bow Alick Lawrence, Duncan Stowe,  would not be as appealing as Sam Raphael. But as we noted in our previous article look out for the Snake in the Balize.  We are asking the people in the Diaspora to show these  bluff artist that most Diasporas will not sell their votes for a plane ticket and some pocket change- Most Diasporas want intelligent and honest discussions. The Diasporas in the Tri-State area should ignore and boycott Sam Raphael and PM Skerrit’s backdoor effort to assuage the negative image of the corrupt and disgraceful CBI program.
If PM Skerrit wants an engagement on the CBI program, the people in the diaspora are willing to meet him or any other elected official in an open house setting where the real questions will be asked. This is the Wrong Table discussion , Sam Raphael is not an elected official. Should the PM decide to send anyone of his ministers we have some advance questions that would put into perspective how the ministers are doing compared to the people that they have impoverished.

For Collin McIntyreIs it true that you bought another property for $430,000 then modified and renovated the same property for almost the same amount of money? Is it also true that the property is now your girlfriend’s residence.
For Blackmore- Where did you get that kind of money you spent on building protection around your house? Is it true that a newly constructed 3 storey building in the city of Roseau your Building?

Reginald Austrie- Is it true that this new building under construction in Morn a Louis your building? How many buildings do you now own Mr. Reginald Austrie – 4 or 5? Do you intend to take these buildings to America with a green card?

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