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DLP Poverty Inducement Manual
Following the December 2014 general elections, Mr. Skerrit’s GoTo man Barbadian Hartley Henry told the Barbadian Media that Barbadians benefited significantly from Dominica’s general election. Henry stated that the Dominica Labor Party hired three political strategists out of Barbados, some of Barbados most popular entertainers were also contracted to perform at various DLP events and rallies. The DLP also utilized Barbados travel agencies and private airline for overseas travel.

Henry also declared that the expensive posters for the DLP’s political campaign, in addition to the copies of its Manifesto, were all printed in Barbados.

While Dominica is harvesting poverty we undertake the responsibility to remind Dominicans of the opulent $32 Million election campaign by PM Roosevelt Skerrit and we will keep asking PM Roosevelt Skerrit –where did that money come from? However we would like to focus on the information provided by Hartley Henry, as previously noted and that which we have seen from  money laundering documents out of Monfared’s Malaysian operation and the DLP election campaign connection.

Money transfer documents that we have seen show that US$85000 (EC$230,000) was sent from the Monfared group in Malaysia to a company named Winterhill Graphics ,Inc. in Texas to cover photography design, artwork, printing, proof reading  and copy writing of the 2014 manifestos for the Dominica Labor Party. The DLP and its surrogates are yet to refute the declarations. We have also seen a second tranche of money transferred to Winterhill Graphics, Inc. for entertainment etc. but we deal with this document in a separate article.

$300,000 for DLP Manual for The Creation Of Poverty

The Real Evidence
It is said that” if it is big it came from Texas” but according to Hartley Henry the grandeur in the DLP manifesto came from Barbados. We have every reason to believe that Hartley Henry is the truth teller in that instance – Sad but true. It was only a few days after the December 2014 election that Hartley Henry declared that the DLP manifestos were printed out of Barbados. It is therefore safe to assume that his recollection of pre-election events and activities would be very accurate.   

According to the money transfer documents, Winterhill Graphics Inc. received from the Monfared operators in Malaysia, US$85,000 for the following scope of works.

Manifesto 20142 edition (photography Design and artwork)   US $22,300(EC $60,000)

Manifesto 2014 edition/2 editing ( Printing 4/4 60 pages)    US $30,600 (EC $82,000)

Manifesto 2014 edition/2 editing (copy writing, proof reading) US$32,100 (EC $86,000)  

If Winterhill Graphics Inc. did perform the work as depicted in the money transfer document, why then did the DLP print the manifestos in Barbados? What exactly is covered under the US$ 30,600 itemized cost? 60 pages!!! Very importantly what was the cost to print all the manifestos in Barbados? Where corruption is rife and due information is deliberately suppressed in a democracy we the people have the right to speculate but before we do so let’s find out a little more about Winterhill Graphics, Inc.

We took some time to research the company Winterhill Graphics, Inc. and we found out from public documents that “Winterhill Graphics, Inc. had been set up 8/8/1995 in the state of FL. The current status of the business in Florida is Inactive. The Winterhill Graphics, Inc. principal address is 4771 NW 10TH CT, #314, PLANTATION, FL, 33313.  The company`s registered agent is Winter George 4771 NW 102 CT, Plantation, FL, 33313. The company`s management are President, Director - Hilliard John, Vice President, President - Winter George. The last significant event in the company history is ADMIN DISSOLUTION FOR ANNUAL REPORT which is dated by 9/19/2003. This decision is take in action on unknown. The company annual reports filed on – 3/13/2002.”

We also found Winterhill Graphics, Inc. under the sole owner Hilliard John in Texas. On line information also shows that Winterhill Graphics, Inc. also carry alternate names to include Winter Hill Services and Winterhill Health & Wellness.

NAICS 1: Office Administrative Services 541611- providing operating advice and assistance to businesses and other organizations on administrative. SIC 1: Management Services

We also found out that Hilliard John is allegedly from Barbados. Is Mr. Hartley Henry in anyway connected to Winterhill Graphics, Inc., or is Hartley Henry an associate of Hilliard John out of Barbados? Keep in mind that Hartley Henry also boasted that Barbadians benefited quite a bit from the DLP 2014 election campaign. Things will get more interesting when we begin to look at the second tranche of money (US $115.000) that was transferred to Winterhill Graphics, Inc. by the same sender out of Malaysia. Let your worthy and reasonable speculations begin.

It is also important to remind Dominicans that the UWP’s manifesto was produced (photography, design, and artwork, copywriting, editing and printed) in Dominica for less than EC $10.00 per copy at 10,000 copies. Based on this information only, it is evenhanded to question the sincerity of the DLP government’s small business development show ,when the DLP elected to “produce” their 2014 campaign manifesto out of Texas for EC $230,000. Note that this sum does not include the printing cost out of Barbados, presumable another EC $100,000 plus. We expect the usual buffoonery and spin from the likes of Simeone Albert, Clarence Christian, Damien Dublin and Paul Alexander, but we will leave this for the consciences of the truly honest and descent people of Dominica. We also expect the pertinent business owners like Emile Depooter, Phillips printing services et al to take special note of the hypocrisy of the Dominica Labor Party.

In our honest engagement ,we need to analyze the vast difference in the cost to produce the manifestos for both political parties. Those who have copies of the DLP manifestos should revisit the manifestos, if not to examine the DLP’s unfulfilled commitments but to find the gold standards within these very expensive manifestos. We must also remember, that over inflated pricing of goods and services is a classic form of money laundering. Who can forget Skerrit’s Garbage Bin Bobol?         
We have seen a recent upsurge in international law enforcement activities against money laundering. If anyone or group had been involved directly or indirectly in the alleged money laundering scheme by Ali Reza Monfared please be aware that we have been providing all the evidence of money laundering activities to the relevant law enforcement agencies to include state tax departments.We intend to follow through  with the US State tax department for the benefit of all those who have been involved in facilitating the DLP money laundering operation within the United States. Who the cap fit let them wear it.

When The Feds Come Knocking
We also took some time to research the United States policies and penalties for violations of the Iranian Transactions Regulations.

Fines may be imposed of up to $1,000,000, and natural persons may be imprisoned for up to 20 years. Civil penalties, which are not to exceed the greater of $250,000 or an amount that is twice the amount created for the exportation from the United States or by U.S. persons wherever located of low-level goods or technology to third countries for incorporation or substantial transformation into foreign-made end products, provided the U.S. content is insubstantial, as defined in the regulations, and certain other conditions are met.

Policies: Any person subject to the jurisdiction of the United States which is not a banking institution and is on the effective date in possession or control of funds or securities of Iran or its agencies, instrumentalities, or controlled entities is licensed, authorized, directed and compelled to transfer such funds or securities to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to be held or transferred as directed by the Secretary of the Treasury

Funds: Transfers of funds to, from, or through a U.S. financial institution for transactions involving Iran are prohibited.

Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons: Foreign subsidiaries cannot enter into transactions with persons on the List of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons, and persons on the List of Foreign Sanctions Evaders.

Facilitation: U.S. persons continue to be prohibited from approving, guaranteeing, financing or otherwise facilitating transactions with Iran. This means that foreign subsidiaries engaged in business with Iran generally must be operating independently of their U.S. parent companies. Having U.S. citizens or permanent residents in decision-making capacities within a foreign subsidiary, for example, may result in prohibited facilitation.

Me Throw Me Corn but Me No Call No Fowl.

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