Thursday, July 20, 2017

Name the Culprit

This individual would borrow monies continually from a lady who lived in Roseau North.
He was unable to buy top up from Lime to resell.
There were time when they would ask him for top up and he had none.
The lady was kind enough to borrow him the monies.
To this present time he is still owning the lady.
The house he was suppose to be in charge of in Point Michael and get it sell,
because the woman was married her husband in st Thomas and got pregnant by him,
the said child is playing some ball (Baseball) in the states,
he went to the states got in touch with the lady to change the man surname
so he can be entitled for funds that is still pending
The man have a reputation.
When the woman went to Dominica to get in touch with him
her second husband was murdered states; coincidence?
This man have so many dark cloud over him
and he keep calling the radio stations like every one else is dirty and he is clean.

He left his wife and went to America at a woman's home he lichen on.
Again because of his disruptive ways the woman told him go back to Dominica.
The man went back to Dominica back to his home with a lot of lies
about a woman whom treat him with kindness.
GOD don't like ugly.
Wifey went on his face book page,
saw the conversation he was having with both woman
who happen to have the same name,
and told the woman all the things he said about her.
Is that a person of integrity?
How can that man stand in the court room and prosecute someone?
No wonder so many crimes are unsolved,
so many cases are thrown out including his for insurance fraud and reckless driving.
The public need to know who this man is and what he is capable of.
Too many have been hurt, let's stop him from hurting others.
It have nothing to do with supporting a party.
The Labour Party can do without him.
Let's cut off that rotten mango before it spoil the rest.

Look what he did to the woman in Layou.
Her children are grown now but
what about those in Grand Bay, Portsmouth and Veille Case?
The lady's money he took and put it on his checking account after picking up her rent,
when the lady confronted him and told him do the contract but let someone else pick up the money
he left the property unattended and never said any thing to the lady.
He took the property of the lady with out her permission have them in La Plaine.
Isn't that stealing?
What about the Electrician he is using when he get jobs?
He taking half of the man's money unknown in to him.

Part 1. More to come.

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