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Malik Skerrit Life Of Luxury- While Dominicans wait for toilet
He came as very young, promising and deserving of the opportunity. He presented himself as a hero who will provide economic transparency and growth, democracy, fair elections. He promised to fight corruption.

Fourteen years after Dominica’s political and economic situations is far worse than the Pre Roosevelt Skerrit era. The governance systems and Institutions are  dysfunctional ,Corruption is at its best ,poverty is at its highest records, inflation rates are very high, crime rates are alarming, and unfair elections is casually accepted. Intimidation and harassment of the opposition is trending.

As reported in the MiTC article “Rags To Riches” Roosevelt Skerrit came into office without  a “fowl “ to his name and today he is allegedly one of the regions wealthiest. His assets (foreign and domestic) are allegedly mind blowing.Roosevelt Skerrit is who he is today for the very same reasons that people support dictators. Many people truly loved him because of his propaganda machinery and a 24 hour dictatorial program designed for the manipulation of public opinions. Without a doubt people support Roosevelt Skerrit  because of money, power, ideology and survival. Roosevelt Skerrit thrives on a non-stop campaign of bribery and handouts. He has created a brand of fear and false hope such that the people believe that he alone can solve their problem of poverty; a poverty that he has conveniently crafted and imposed on the people. “Chavismo” in living Colors.

Malik Reward for flunking 4 th form
It is because of fear and false hope that the people of Dominica have accepted numerous acts of disloyalty and treachery from Roosevelt Skerrit. On two separate occasions within the last four years Roosevelt Skerrit insured that his wife delivered his two kids under the best healthcare system that money can buy in the United States. The deplorable healthcare system in Dominica is beneath his family’s dignity and there is no pride in his kids being Dominicans by birth.

Malik Skerrit the PM’s eldest son has just graduated from a very expensive private school in New York. Malik was about to repeat his 4th year at his high school in Dominica and so his parents shipped him off to Manhattan New York, where he spent two years at The Beekman High School. Notwithstanding activity fees, registration fee, and other expenses the yearly tuition at The Beekman High School is US $ 40,000.

During Malik’s two years at Beekman ,his father would have spent EC $216,000 on tuition only-other expenses not included. The PM’s legal salary is less than US$5K per month. The question that every reasonable person should ask is -How is the PM able to support such a luxurious life style on his US$5K per month salary?  Keep in mind the PM told the nation that he is paying a mortgage on his $400 K property, a property that was estimated by professionals at construction cost of almost $2million. ( A compulsive liar)

Supreme Leader Son
We sincerely hope that the young people are taking note of the Prime Minister’s hypocrisy and his brazen arrogance. Is it fair that when the prime minister’s son flunks 4th form, the education system is suddenly not good enough for the PM’s son. Today more than ever students have to repeat their high school programs because of the broken Universal Secondary Education program. With a tuition cost of US $40,000 Malik was placed in the most proficient personal learning environment with the best learning and teaching technological programs available to him. It’s a program that only the rich people in New York City can afford.

For The Youths
While some adults have fallen into a convenient slumber and others are simply just  trying to gather crumbs, the young people must step up and recognize their inherent power to change the social and political landscape that  have  propagated complicity and acceptance of bribery , corruption and economic slavery in Dominica. The dire changes that are needed in Dominica definitely lie in the hands of the young people and while it is extremely critical that the young people make a conscious decision to vote out this evil oligarchy lead by Roosevelt Skerrit, it is the opportune moment for the young people to invoke the egalitarian spirit and speak out. Mr. Skerrit know all too well that there is no security in a handout safety net and with his unexplained wealth he has taken the spare no dollar approach to insure that his last two kids are born Americans and Malik his first son gets the best high school program that his money can pay for in Manhattan New York.

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  1. Anyway CBI money is paying from that.

  2. This is good journalism. "they love their PM"...what a bunch of losers. Here you have a leader making about the same salary as the average New Yorker but he has the means of paying tuition at a private HS in midtown east. Dominican's are fine with that. Amazing!


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