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The circumstances surrounding the unraveling of Sam Raphael as a new recruit to the Skerrit criminal gang is really a script made for a Hollywood movie. It’s a script that depicts a mafia gang that is operated by the legislators- legislative mafia. Consumed by greed, a former adversary now a turncoat has become a member and informant for the legislative Mafia gang. The legislative Mafia has agreed to forgive the debts incurred by the newly recruited member now named Sammy “The viper Phaelo. In order to be conferred as a friend of the legislative mafia gang, Sammy The viper Phaelo and turn coat must now become a hit man and informant for the legislative mafia. In return all evidence of Sammy’s money laundering activities will be sealed from public scrutiny and the debt owed to the legislative mafia will be forgiven by the same legislative mafia. 

The last time Sam Raphael appeared on Matt’s morning show, we made note that Sam manipulated the moment to avoid interacting with the listeners. He dominated Matt in a way that Matt was unable to allow the callers to interact with Sam and while doing so he kept reminding Matt that his time was limited-a crafty move by someone who is avoiding truth. In yet another cowardly act, Sam was involved in a prerecorded statement that he wanted the media to air. The Sam Raphael that we knew would relish an opportunity to do a live public presentation in the presence of the media But just like the Skerrit Cabal has done over the years ,Sam dispensed a smoke bomb and then ran away to seek refuge and protection within the legislative mafia framework. The question is -what is Sam Raphael running and hiding from?

He who wants everything every time
will loose everything any time
After listening to Sam Raphael’s prerecorded statement, several thoughts came to mind. We realize that were witnessing a man so consumed by greed that he is willing to incriminate himself just for that mighty dollar. We also notice that the statement that Sam read had similar undertones to other statements prepared for Roosevelt Skerrit. Sam was not only coerced he was in fact demonstrating his absolute loyalty and commitment to the new brotherhood or in the mafia world, the act of  becoming a “wiseguys”, “friends”, “good fellows”, “one of us” or “straightened.

Clearly Sam Raphael was reading a statement that was prepared to suit the initiation ceremony where the new recruit becomes a designated member. Gobbled up by his desire to appease the legislative mafia gang Sam was prepared to debase his stature –from an astute businessman to a groveling sycophant. Although Sam is aware that it is asinine to think or believe that an opposition party can sell diplomatic passport (he actually corrected that statement in his previous engagement with Matt), Sam deliberately stated that the UWP “Sold” diplomatic passports but then also admitted that the deal was not completed and that were no diplomatic passports. Did Tony spit in his mouth?

Hypnotic Tony
Very importantly, Sam refuse to name the top level members of the UWP who he claimed were involved in the operation. It is only logical that if Sam wants to destroy the credibility of the UWP or to even get some admiration he would at least name the three bigwigs of the UWP in the hope of destroying the entire UWP organization. Notably this is not just the act of a douchebag bag but the actions of a man coerced and directed by a shady senior counsel with a target on one man’s forehead. The senior counsels knows very well that Sam is not just standing in a scorching cesspool; he could land himself in legal unpleasantness if he dares to mention the names of the UWP bigwigs. Sam’s handler/consigliere know very well that if they just throw unsubstantiated allegations out there, the hypnotized Labor Party base will embrace it like cattle would with fodder - it’s a thing that they have done successfully for many years.   

From all indication, Sam‘s first mission is to discredit and destroy Lennox Linton, even if Lennox Linton was not part of Sam’s admitted money laundering scheme in 2005. What kind of person would admit to being a criminal just to destroy an innocent man and to appease his new comrades? There are several names for these type of characters; Jail House Rats; informants; snitches etc. By their very nature, Jailhouse Rats/informants require law enforcement to ignore the severity of their own crimes and misgivings, in exchange for cooperation. In this case, Sam is cooperating with a criminal gang(legislative mafia) who themselves control law enforcement. That brings up the question of the sealed evidence. Why Sammy and his lawyer (The Horned One) wanted the evidence sealed?

Sammy The Snake is that yours?
In the pertinent circumstances the term "sealed evidence" refer to evidence that is to be undisclosed and should not be available to the public. According to Sam Raphael, the proceeds of the alleged diplomatic passport transactions all came to him;all checks, receipts and transfers were all tied to his account. It seems like if a crime was committed, there is only one man holding the smoking gun and that is Sam Raphael. The idea of sealing the evidence seems like it’s an effort only to protect Sam Raphael.

What is also mystifying is that, the legislative mafia, their lawyers and supporters have for many years requested evidence from the opposition to support accusations of passport racketeering among the legislative mafia. Now that the legislative mafia is claiming that they have evidence to support the claim that the UWP opposition sold diplomatic passports in 2004, the legislative mafia is unwilling to present Sam Raphael’s evidence to the public. The irony is that the same criminal gang (legislative mafia) has the authority and the opportunity to seal a package containing evidence of Sam’s admitted illegal activities. What a joke – A crime syndicate has the legal authority to seal the evidence of criminal activities committed by someone who has just been indoctrinated into the same crime syndicate. Only in the movies!!!

Sam was also audacious enough to state “I don’t believe that any government in the Caribbean is selling diplomatic passports.” If that is so, how then can Sam claim that an opposition party is able to or has sold diplomatic passports from underneath a sitting government who supposedly wants no part in peddling diplomatic passports?  Sam should also explain, how it is that businessmen are willing to pay him and the opposition for promises of diplomatic passports and yet the same businessmen are not paying the real custodians /legislative mafia for the actual diplomatic passports? This kind of skullduggery and mischief is directly from the play book of Tony Astaphan and it is indeed very sad that Sam has allowed greed and the advice of consigliere The Devil Himself to contaminate his reasoning. 

What we are witnessing is not just the unraveling of Sam Raphael’s and his investiture ceremony into the legislative mafia brotherhood; we are also observing a transitioning of the narrative and defense against the diplomatic passport scandal by the DLP cabal. Upon the legal advice of consigliere The Devil Himself the DLP must now cast the UWP as diplomatic passport sellers themselves – no matter how unfounded it may be. The DLP is at the point where desperate measures are required.After many years of denying that the DLP has been involved in diplomatic passport racketeering the overwhelming burden of the evolving evidence has forced The Devil Himself into submission and so the rope-a-dope tactics is to associate the opposition UWP with selling diplomatic passports.  Essentially the DLP is now selling the idea that the diplomatic passport vending operation is no longer a ruse nor just UWP propaganda but a matter of equal opportunity in the Diplomatic Passport trading business.  Misery likes company!!!.

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