Friday, August 25, 2017

Bamboozler In Chief

When we listened to Roosevelt Skerrit's rant at Grand Fond vis-a-vis fraudulent contractors, we saw nothing but as an attempt to distract Dominicans once more. First and foremost, Skerrit's government only grants contracts to supporters of his Dominica Labour Party, so the question is; why is Skerrit appearing to turn on his own people? After all, he's accusing them of shoddy work and defrauding the state. Is Mr. Skerrit saying that Labourites are thieves? Or at least, the ones who benefit from the state contracts that he bestows? He should know, he has stolen quite a bit from our treasury. It takes one to know one, doesn't it?

Secondly, why is Mr. Skerrit spending so much time in the Grand Fond constituency when he's on island? Can he be preparing for a by-election in the constituency? Let's examine the facts. First, Thomson Fontaine, the United Workers Party caretaker for the constituency, who any Labour Party candidate would have had to go up against, is not on the ground, currently on duty in South Sudan, some 10,000 kilometers away. And secondly but just as important, the current MP for Grand Fond Ivor Stephenson is very ill, to the extent where he may not be able to resume his duties as parliamentary representative. In fact we understand that Mr. Stephenson is back on island from Martinique, having been flown in just two days ago. Our sources at PMH indicate that Mr. Stephenson is not doing well, needing assistance to do just about anything. We empathize with the family of Mr. Stephenson and we wish him the best. We encourage Mr. Stephenson to continue to take his health very seriously and to remain focused on his recovery, Mr. Skerrit be damned.

Mr. Skerrit's distraction he has employed before. Whenever he presumes that a change is about to occur in a constituency prematurely, he suddenly shows up bearing gifts. Last year Mr. Skerrit thought that Roseau MP Joshua Francis was about to quit, and he actively encouraged that. When Mr. Francis did not do as Mr. Skerrit thought, he suddenly showed up in Giraudel bearing gifts. We told you about that last March (Skerrit moves in on Roseau South). He's at it again but this time he's trading on the health of Mr. Stephenson, who he failed to mention in his speech in Grand Fond. This man is evil personified.

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  1. More propaganda like the visit of the UWP to China.


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