Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Is there a government minister currently hospitalized locally, and does rum have anything to do with it? That is our question of the day and we encourage our readers to do some research.

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  1. Don't know who it was but apatient was taken to Canefield airport this afternoon 23 August by ambulance with lights flashing and sirene going from the P.M.H. and loaded on a French airplane ( a two engine Islander, which is regularly used for purpose and comes to Canefield regularly for charter), which left the airport at approx. 4.10 pm for Martinique. They don't do this for any Tom, Dick or Harry so it must have ben some important person.

  2. Well, there is only one rum minister i know, unless there are others i doesn`t know about.

  3. Either nobody knows or nobody cares in the jardin patat because nobody is saying a thing


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