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US Military Evacuation On Dominica
In a desperate attempt to cover-up the failure of the Roosevelt Skerrit administration in the ROSSIT (Ross Exit) matter, Skerrit’s spinners like Assad Wanna be Tony Astaphan, Washed up Herbert Volney, Politically Exposed Vince Henderson and Dark and Lovely Clarence Christian have been incessantly trying to divert culpability away from the failures of PM Roosevelt Skerrit and his administration. While the above noted spin characters have strategically directed the ROSSIT blame towards PM of Barbados Mia Motley, it is mind boggling that for several days PM Skerrit had allowed these reprehensible spinners and apologists to denigrate his trusted friend in PM Mia Mottley. Is that a sign that Skerrit is not in control, the DLP administration is fractioned and the inmates are now running the asylum?

The first frantic and diabolic attempt at misdirected culpability came when Reginald Austrie erroneously stated that Lennox Linton provided the Ross University directors with 51 reasons why the Ross institution should be extracted from Dominica. A few hours after Reginald Austrie made a mockery of himself, the embattled PM Skerrit clearly demonstrated that Austrie with his spurious accusations was not part of his blaming plans, so in his address to the nation he blamed the Ross departure on Tropical Storm Erika and Hurricane Maria- No reference to Reginald Austire’s “pawol sort and parlais enitil”

 Among the many lame excuses for Skerrit’s catastrophic failure(s), the Tony Astaphan and Herbert Volney led assault against Mia Mottley’s seem most idiotic and  is bereft reasoning-just simply asinine particularly coming from two legal professionals. How do Tony and Volney explain that after just two months in office, a “Novice” in PM Mia Motley was able to snatch away 1/3 of Dominica's economy from beneath the hold of the 18 year veteran and supposed visionary leader PM Skerrit? Beyond the spinners malarkey is the rationale that PM Mia Mottley should instead be complimented for stepping up to the plate for Barbados while PM Skerrit was failing in his responsibilities to the people of Dominica and even Ross University itself. But then again both Tony and Volney have shown us their uncanny ability to keep their feet in their mouth while they both pander for manna from Skerrit's platform.

It is also no surprise that Tony latched on to the idea of  blaming Mia for Domestic interference as he understands very well, the fracas and distress that arises from one man or woman  meddling in another person’s domestic affairs. 

 Now that the spins and excuses by the DLP hacks have fallen in the ocean of mortification  and disgrace, PM Roosevelt Skerrit and his goons may want to reconsider their blaming plan and strategies. In order to sustain their legacy of lying to the people and not owning up to their responsibilities, then maybe they should engage the Maduro strategy of blaming America instead of Mia Mottley. 

Make no mistake, blaming America for ROSSIT or RPK (Ross Pwen Kowir) could be the ideal excuse for Roosevelt Skerrit, as the American State Department may have many reasons to harbor ill-will towards Skerrit and his administration. In many ways Roosevelt Skerrit has shown that America is an enemy and has repeatedly snubbed US interest, both internationally and regionally. For example the US $2 Million dollars that was donated by the US for the construction of a coast guard base is unaccounted for; the facilitation of Alireza Monfared in the Iran sanction busting operation is yet another action that would have put Skerrit on the United States list of miscreants. Skerrit with his foolish disdain towards America has also flaunted his unwavering support for Maduro’s dictatorship.  

Palestinians heading to Dominica
But Skerrit has taken his haughtiness to levels that Dominicans everywhere should now be wondering whether ROSSIT goes way beyond the failure of the Skerrit administration to meet some basic infrastructural requirements. At this critical juncture it is imperative that the people of Dominica are aware off a serious incident at Douglas Charles Airport involving some US military personnel and Daniel Carbon. 

At the behest of partner nations and both the Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development, the U.S. service members Joint Task Force - Leeward Islands (JTF-LI) landed at Douglas-Charles Airport in Dominica, Sept. 24, 2017. The JTF-LI set up an evacuation control center at the airport to evacuate U.S. citizens stranded on Dominica after Hurricane Maria. According to our very reliable sources Roosevelt Skerrit was not happy with the presence of the US military on the island and so he sent police commissioner Daniel Carbon to confront the US military personnel at the airport.

Daniel Carbon rushed to the airport to do as he was told. It is alleged that Daniel Carbon unleashed a verbal assault on the US military commander telling the commander in American dialect “ get the "F" out of here” and as he switched back into Dominican colloquialism he shouted at the military commander” All you come with nothing and saying all you want to establish border control , come out from there man.” After the confrontation the US task commander humbly took down the American flag and relocated his men and equipment to another section of the airport. By all accounts soon after the US military moved from that one particular location at the Airport ,the Venezuelan and Palestinian military were allowed to set up their base at the same  location previously occupied by the US military.

The incident did not just end there- obviously the US commander would have had to refer the matter to his superiors. Our sources revealed that on the following day high level US diplomats accompanied by some Canadian officials landed at the Douglas Charles Airport and immediately boarded a helicopter that took them to the Windsor Park Stadium for a meeting with the government authorities.

As to what happened from there on is anybody’s guess however many of us will remember that during Skerrit’s first post Maria's broadcast he failed to acknowledge the US support and many on social media were wondering why was that so when it is customary that the US government would be among the first on the scene particularly when so many US citizens at Ross were stranded on the island at the time.  

Skerrit’s repetitious aggression and snobbish attitude towards the US authorities introduces many questions. As to why it is that Skerrit has been snobbish to the US is open to worthy speculations however there is no way that the US would be happy with the nefarious activities that have emanated from the Roosevelt Skerrit administration – the money laundering, diplomatic passport sales, the unscrupulous Citizen By Investment vetting program, the NG Lap Seng scandal, Iran/Monfared  Sanction Busting subvention , a conduit for Venezuelan money laundering and the allegedly permissiveness for Venezuelan drug cartel operation.

The question that is billowing in the public domain at this point is -whether ROSSIT denudes some type of discreet US sanctions on Dominica and Roosevelt Skerrit in particular? We have no evidence to suggest that ROSSIT may be a result of US sanctions however we take keen interest in one of PM Skerrit's statement during his ROSSIT address to the nation. He said “Ross tried their very best to remain in Dominica” and although he did not say that his government did the same we can all be fair in assuming that PM Skerrit would have fought to keep Ross on island in spite of his failure to make the environment conducive for Ross. So if both parties wanted the same thing then why is Ross gone? In simple terms - Was there a third party or force that determined the ROSSIT?

 One thing for sure, that suspicious third party, if any, could not have been the “Novice” Mia Mottley. Let us see who or what the spinners will turn to now that all the other excuses have fallen on infertile soil and that Skerrit has asked his attack dogs to back off Mia Mottley.

MiTC is also following a recent story that two CBI projects have been experiencing a clog in cash flow as Chase Bank may have blocked money transactions meant for these CBI projects. Our information suggests that recently these CBI projects have had some problems paying service providers.  

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  1. It is time they revoke the citizenship of his wife and kids. We are all fed up with this moron who has ruined our country. We might as well run a petition for this. These fools need a rude awakening for being so damn hardened.


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