Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Due to high stress and poor working conditions within the Ministry Of Agriculture (MOA), officers in the  Ministry Of Agriculture have been ask to voluntarily come in for counseling however in the wake of asking officers to come in for counseling Rickie Brumant took it upon himself to issue a nationwide  mass transfer of officers.
Yesterday officers from a cross section of the Ministry Of Agriculture received a two day notice of transfer. According to our information, from the time Reginald Austrie became Minister of Agriculture he has been issuing the threat- “heads must roll.”  We understand that the same threat was issued at a meeting yesterday and after the meeting Ricki Brumant got nervous responded with the issuance of over 20 officers from the MOA. 

Why has Reginald Austrie been issuing the threats? It has been reported that things are not working in harmony with the DLP
government perpetual electioneering tactics. Since the disastrous farmer assistance program farmers have grown much more disgruntled and as usual the DLP administration is looking for scape goats. They are pointing fingers at everyone else but themselves.
Our sources are telling us that Austrie’s threats are really directed at the upper echelons like Rickie Brumant, Reginald Thomas et al. Upon receiving another threat from Austrie, Rickie Brumant took it upon himself to take officers from one end of the island and sending them to the opposite side of the island. We understand that according protocol Rickie Brumant does not have the right to issue transfer orders. Transfer orders are   supposed to come from the Permanent Secretary. We were also told that before employees are transferred there is supposed to be some dialogue with the employee. The entire ministry is in pandemonium at this point

The truth is the morale within the MOA has been at an all-time low and this is because of political shenanigans, victimization, nepotism and tribalism. In some cases officers are trying to do the right things but with the political interferences nothing seems to be going right and then the officers get blamed. For example the DLP targeted candidate for the Grand Fond constituency has been implanted in the area as the Relief Officer and thus far she has been interfering with the work of the agricultural officers operating within the area. We have been told that she has her own list of farmers based on vote buying scheme while the officers trained to work with the farmers have a different list and the farmers are growing more frustrated. In the Viellecase constituency we understand that the field officer has been replaced with a “crystal falere “and Labor Party propagandist by the name of Comptom Bertrand.
While Rickie Brumant is issuing mass transfer orders and Austrie is offering threats, it is alleged that St Kitts has temporarily closed its doors to agricultural produce coming from Dominica due to poor quality and shipping standards. Our sources are telling us that the handpicked Laborites at the pack house in Portsmouth are lazy, they work two hours a day and are costing tax payers over $50K per month in salary and benefits. While these lazy labor Part hacks at the pack house are having fun field officers are struggling , some cant get reimbursed for travelling allowances and they cant drive their vehicles on the dilapidated access roads  

We all know that no amount of threats, employee transfers or multiple ministers will change to direction of this government let alone the Ministry Of Agriculture. From right within the cabinet for example Johnson Drigo was criticized for the failing Ministry Of Agriculture yet those within the cabinet who criticize Johnson Drigo ignored the fact that the Jono was way over his head and that the DLP administration has had just about ten ministers of agriculture in 18 years. Not forgetting Mathew “Touchy” Walter who cried like a baby when he was assigned the MOA.

 What the farmers of Dominica really need at this juncture is the absolute disposal of the Skerrit mal-administration.

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