Saturday, August 18, 2018

Jahisiah Benoit Assaults Girlfriend

In a severe case of Domestic Abuse, Island correspondent Lizzy Elliot is reporting to us that she has picked up solid information that indicates Dominica Labour Party government Senator Jahisiah Benoit is accused of assaulting and inflicting serious injury to his girlfriend. The incident reportedly occurred late last night in the vicinity of the couple's residence in Fond Baron. Our sources indicate that the couple were arguing and she apparently sought refuge in the vehicle belonging to Mr. Benoit, locking herself within. In his assault, Mr. Benoit was so enraged that he damaged his own vehicle, destroying the windshield and the driver's side door window.

PR428 with destroyed windshield
Unable to get to the location in a hurry, our correspondent Lizzy was able to contact roving Agent James Moe Green and from Agent Green she was able to get photographs of the damaged vehicle. The images show a Mitsubishi SUV, registration number PR428 parked in front of the residence with its windshield destroyed, it's driver's door open with the damaged glass window hanging askew. There was no sight of Mr. Benoit. We are not aware of the involvement of police investigators either.

PR428 outside residence
Lizzy reports that Mr. Benoit began arguing with the young woman, accusing her of cheating. In his rampage, Mr. Benoit was seen dragging her by the hair, biting and punching her. Personal household property was damaged, including his vehicle. We would like to inform Mr. Benoit that he should turn himself into the police immediately. He should also know that we are aware that video evidence exists, (we have not been able to get it as of this writing), so any attempt to commit insurance fraud by submitting a false claim will result in further criminal charges against you. We urge the young lady to pursue charges against Mr. Benoit immediately; please do not allow the Labour Party apparatus to cajole and dissuade you in any manner; this crime should not go unpunished.

Mr. Benoit (r) and his girlfriend (l) in happier times
Mr. Benoit's actions seem to follow a pattern of abuse and criminal activity by high ranking officials within the government of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit as well as party officials. We have not forgotten the actions of former Minister Ian Pinard, accused of having improper relations with a minor. Nor have we dismissed those of current Minister Petter St. Jean, allegedly kidnapping his own constituents, and DBS General Manager Cecil "Did You Fuck" Joseph. Two weeks ago we published an open letter to the prime minister, urging him to conduct an investigation of his cabinet ministers to determine who recently violated national security regulations. We have no reason to believe that the prime minister heeded our advice, since the violating minister is still on the job, but we strongly suggest that he does and demands the resignation of that minister. Be warned, again.

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  1. Zero tolerance for abusive behavior.Definitely not becoming for a prospective representative!

  2. I call the DLP Supporters to rally around our party because them dam Smurfs want to make us look bad after all we are the majority.

  3. Them Labor roaches on Kairi bigging you that man. Smh wicked set.

  4. once again the political enemy at work with there false information and call all labourities rally around Mr. Benoit and the Dominica Labour Party


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