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A few years ago people were curious about Mervin Paul’s sharp rise from prison guard to head of government Information Service (GIS). What we found out from our friends within the Labor Party circles was that Mervin Paul was privy to some sensitive and incriminating information and it is alleged that on one occasion there was a threat to fire Mervin Paul from a lower level position which he held in the government service. It was reported that Mervin Paul pulled out his ace card and threatened to expose some offshore account information that he had and according to our Laborite friends Mervin Paul got promoted to head of GIS instead of getting fired for his combative and confrontational behavior.

Today the head of the GIS is Daryl Titre and we are again wondering how did that happened. How did Daryl Titre get promoted to the head of GIS when the Prime Minister and his entire cabinet are aware of Daryl Titre’s criminal exploits- his series of bounce checks, the Haitian Visa scam, the nonpayment of his vehicle registration for 3 years and now he is posing as a fraudulent Bounty Hunter. Like Mervin Paul is Daryl Titre walking around with a silver bullet that Skerrit is afraid off?
The attached document proves that from June 27, 2015 through February 8, 2019 Daryl Titre had not paid his vehicle registration fee for his KIA Sportage, vehicle registration number PI-253. If the vehicle registration is now up to date it is only because a few weeks ago there were a few comments on social media regarding Daryl Titre driving around in his unlicensed vehicle. Note well that Daryl Titre runs a radio program where he spend so much off his time on air denigrating people who are non-supporters of the Dominica Labor Party yet he has been using his vehicle for almost 4 years without paying the vehicle registration fees. Boy Pay your taxes Daryl Titre 
Like Clarence Christian, Daryl’s vehicle had been repossessed by a  dealership in Dominica. In an effort to get the dealer to hand him back the vehicle Daryl did what Daryl does best – he tapped into his criminal ways and came up with a fraudulent scheme. With his connection to the DLP administration Daryl was able to get a stamp from the treasury department. Using the illegal stamp he forged a letter that appears to come from the government treasury department and notifying the dealership that he is on government contract and that the treasury department would send his gratuity check directly to the dealership. The fraud was detected and like always Daryl’s scam was swept under the rug and he continues to operate as a mouth piece for the DLP on Kairi FM Radio.

We also know that like Karmala John Baptist, Daryl Titre had left a spate of bounce checks at various locations in Dominica. We can confirm that following the trails of bounced checks, Daryl Titre was taken into the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) where he was interrogated by investigating officers Mathew Williams and Cuffy Williams. Again it is because of Daryl Titre’s DLP connection that he is not lodging at the Stock Farm prison for issuing so many bad checks. But then again before he became Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit was also involved in writing bad checks so Skerrit really has no moral authority to chastise or discipline Daryl Titre for issuing bad checks. 

While serving as the press attaché to the government of Dominica Daryl Titre together with police officer Blanc had been involved in a Haitian visa scam. In fact it was only because some Haitians came to the government building complaining that Daryl Titre had extorted $25,000 from them that Daryl was removed from the position of press attaché and placed in a position at GIS. The police who partnered with Daryl in this Haitian visa scam is now head of Skerrit’s special security unit and is today still pissed off with Daryl Titre because Daryl Titre only gave him $4000 out of their scam operation.  

A few weeks ago it was announced that Daryl Titre was promoted to head of GIS. and we can assure you that just a few weeks before Daryl was promoted to head of GIS, Prime Minister Skerrit and the Chief Of Police Daniel Carbon received a letter from Pelham John Baptist complaining about a new scam that Daryl Titre had been involved in. What is quite intriguing about this new scam is that when Daryl Titre got caught in yet another fraudulent act he falsely named Pelham John Baptist as a partner in his criminal operation

According to our investigation, a retired citizen (returning Londoner) in the Warner area had been scammed by a builder who he gave a down payment on a construction project. The builder took the money and run. At the time of the incident Daryl Titre also lived in Warner and he knew of the senior citizen’s plight and so Daryl came up with the idea of becoming a bounty hunter. He told the senior citizen that he could help him find the absconding builder. We understand that Daryl told the senior citizen that the builder was hiding out in Antigua and that he Daryl would need $8000 to get a detective and to bring the Builder back to Dominica to face justice.

Needless to say after Bounty Hunter Daryl Titre received the $8000 payment from the unsuspecting retiree Daryl himself became the absconding Bounty Hunter. After several failed attempt to get an update from Daryl the senior citizen contacted attorney at Law, Morgan. When the attorney finally got hold of Daryl Titre and questioned him about the $8000 Bounty contract he told the attorney that he hired Pelham John Baptist as the detective and that Pelham was taking care of the matter. The attorney then contacted Pelham John Baptist who knew nothing about Daryl’s Bounty Hunter gig.

As expected Pelham John Baptist who we know can be an upright police officer was quite upset and took the matter very seriously. He wrote a letter of complaint to the police commissioner and copied the Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit. Instead of taking swift and punitive action what we saw was some DLP operatives jumping in to rescue and cover up Daryl Titre’s criminal behavior again. What we discovered is that Cecil Joseph intervened and made an arrangement for Daryl to repay the senior citizen. Cecil took Daryl out of Warner and had him stay in his basement rent free so that Daryl could use the rent money to repay the senior citizen $8000.

Cecil Joseph you are most welcome- MiTC have answered the question that people have been asking. Why did Daryl Titre move from Warner and into your basement? 

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