Sunday, June 23, 2019


While Skerrit and his Skerrit Family Party are busy trying to fool the people with more empty promises, the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank is having great concerns about the performance of National Bank of Dominica (NBD).

We can confirm that over the past few days observers from the Central Bank have been in Dominica because they are concerned about the status of the NBD. Sources close to the NBD and the Central Bank have noted that Montserrat  with a population of only 5000 it's National Bank is performing on the same level or even better than the National Bank Of Dominica (NBD). All other national banks within the OECS union are performing satisfactorily with the exception of the NBD

We can safely assume that the departure of Ross University is having severe adverse impacts on the NBD. In our discussion with people familiar with the ongoing visit from the Central Bank , we have learned that the bank is grappling with an increased number of nonperforming loans since the departure of Ross University. The bank observers are also wary of Dominica’s economy-an economy that is solely dependent on the selling of passports.

MiTC will be following up on this matter at the NBD however we hope that the media professionals in Dominica will investigate this matter. One that should be of great concern to all.

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  1. Anyone who supports Lennox Linton is years more Dumb than him

  2. This is what happens when you have people who are only concerned about gaining wealth illegitimately, holding the governance of a country!


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