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When Tony sprang into action to save Skerrit from himself we understood exactly what the corrupt grifter senior counsel intended. After all if Tony had a client who impregnated a 15 year old and then his client took the young lady to Antigua to have an abortion then certainly Tony would not encourage this client to pontificate on matters of sexual predation or even on matters of rape and cover ups. Obviously that client would have had no moral authority to speak on such matters. In a desperate attempt to protect PM Roosevelt Skerrit from self-destruction Tony Astaphan took to the airwaves to discourage PM Skerrit from attempting to participate in any organized political debate. Tony did what he thought was necessary to avoid a major embarrassment to Roosevelt Skerrit who in a debate setting would be totally outclassed by either Lennox Linton or Kent Vital of the Dominica Freedom Party.  

The topic of Crime and corruption would most definitely become a centrifugal part of any political debate between political leaders in Dominica and it is so not just because crime and corruption is a prominent topic in political debates everywhere but primarily because we do have serious problems of crime and corruption in Dominica. Can you imagine the most corrupt prime minister in the region, Roosevelt Skerrit, having to make a presentation on the prevention of crime and corruption in Dominica? I am sure his wife and DLP candidate for Roseau Central Melissa Poponne Skerrit would remind him of what it is like to feel like Chopped Liver or just being laughed at by adversaries.

Should PM Skerrit be brave enough to accept the challenge of a debate we would most certainly want to ask him why is he using funds from the Ministry Of Finance Rapid Response Unit to issue to criminals who have been fined by the court? Several individuals who have had outstanding bills from the court had been encouraged to come to the Ministry where they have received monies to pay their court fines. Believe it or not there are those apologists who will argue that there is nothing wrong with the prime minister using the state funds to pay the bills of individuals who owe money to the state as a result of court fines.

The escalation of violent crimes with several shooting incidents is also of great concern. We have been following a particular shooting incident that took place in Portsmouth where the notorious gang character Kenny G had been arraigned on this matter. The matter is now before the high court judge but what we have learned is that the Prime Minister and his wife Melissa are allegedly behind the scene trying to meddle in the matter before the courts. In fact the DPP and aunt of Shakira Lockhart the DLP candidate for the Roseau South Constituency has already presented to the high court
an argument to dismiss the case simply because the shooting victim is not cooperating. There are allegations that the shooting victim was paid off  however some legal professional are wondering why the Director of prosecution (DPP ) Evelina John Baptist was so determined to dismiss the case when the matter can be tried with or without out the cooperation of the victim.  

It was indeed very disappointing to see the DPP flip flopping in the court as the St Lucian judge rejected the DPP’s motion to dismiss the case. The judge opined that the case should not be dismissed simply because the shooting victim is a non-cooperating witness. Evelina then resorted to the argument that there is not enough evidence to proceed with the case.

Kenny G is no stranger to drugs, crime and violence and as we have all seen over the past few years Kenny G remains a front man and flag bearer for Skerrit’s election campaign in the Roseau central constituency. He has been bragging about receiving monies from mysterious sources and there are allegations that two vehicles were purchased for and on behalf of Kenny G who is now in the car rental business.

Kenny G is a known gangster and has been accused of being affiliated with a number of violent crimes in Dominica- In a recent shooting death of a young man in Roseau Kenny G was questioned by the police as it was alleged that the gun used was tied to Kenny G. Who can forget the gruesome scene of Denny Shillingford lying in a pool of blood with laceration all over his body? Again Kenny G was questioned by the police on this matter.

In a recent Pornographic video circling on social media Kenny G can be heard in the background directing and commentating on the sexual acts that was taking place between two other individuals. In another video Kenny G is seen bragging about his criminal exploit- he boasted about biting up people and grabbing their jewelries.  

While Roosevelt Skerrit continueS to head his own crime syndicate as prime minister of Dominica it is still gut-wrenching to watch the PM and his wife publically align themselves with a notorious thug and his criminal gang all for political advantage. Even more  the so called upstanding people in society continue to sacrifice their principle for Skerrit and his brazen corruption and by so doing some have been forced to become automatic enablers for criminals like Kenny G. Let’s not forget those shameless “upstanding” individuals who went all out to protect the named culprits involved in the firebombing of Mr. GON Emmanuel’s home in Goodwill.  

At yesterday’s political event in Castle Bruce  Melissa is again seen posing and flashing gang sign with the notorious Kenny G street gang. With the widespread political interference within the police department it is no surprise that Daniel Carbon , Corbette,Valentine et al are all forced to turn a blind eye to gang activities as a means to build Melissa’s voting base. 

Once you start lying with dogs , you are going to get fleas and to those who think that it is politically kool for politicians to form alliances with criminals just for the votes remember that when the rain falls it falls on every house.

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