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It is well known that the relationship between PM Skerrit and Dr. Kenneth Darroux has been one of contention, distrust and resentment. During Dr. Darroux’s farewell speech one could sense that he was delighted to be finally detached from PM Skerrit and what PM Skerrit himself referred to as his “organization.”  The Skerrit Family Party(SFP). Dr. Darroux stated “I can now speak my mind,” and that prompted the obvious question “ had Dr. Darroux been speaking somebody else’s mind for the past 15 years?”

 In private conversations Kenneth Darroux lamented that being in the Roosevelt Skerrit cabinet is like being trapped in a cult. Shortly after announcing his departure from the Skerrit cult, Dr. Darroux started campaigning against Marva Williams who Skerrit had personally handpicked to replace Darroux for the Petit Savanne Constituency. 

Less than 3 months after separating himself from the strangling hold of Skerrit, Dr. Darrroux decided to get back into the Skerrit cult. Prostitute Or No Prostitute?????

How then can Darroux and Skerrit go on pretending that all is well when there is so much distrust between them? We know for sure that Kenneth Darroux did not re-enter the Skerrit cult for love of his constituents. Also there is no doubt that Skerrit is desperate and afraid of not being able to “Run Things “ as the prime minister of Dominica. One hand cannot clap at all.

Darroux’s decision was based strictly on personal benefits. In our engagement with very reliable sources from the Petit Savanne Constituency we were told that Dr. Darroux himself had been confessing that the gentleman from Montreal Management Consultant Est (MMCE) Anthony Haiden allegedly offered to pay his mortgage if he would reenter the race for the Petit Savanne constituency as Anthony Haiden is concerned that the designated candidate Marva Williams had not been doing well in the Polls. (Just imagine A foreign Passport Hawk meddling in our election process……outrageous)

We also know for a fact that it has been a while since the offer was made to Darroux and that Darroux didn’t think that Anthony Haiden’s overtures were good enough to get back with Skerrit. At this point we don’t know what else was added to Darroux’s offer but it would not come as a surprise to us if Darroux demanded additional perks and benefits. After all Darroux is fully aware that Anthony Haiden‘s MMCE has been raking in millions (maybe Billions) of dollars from the sale of our passports without transparency. Darroux also understands very well that the “Kool Outs” that people like Alister Irish or Gee Joseph are posturing for is chump change  compared to the “Kool Out”  that Anthony Haiden can dish out to anyone of the 13 new apostles of Skerritism.

Now that Dr. Darroux has prostituted himself it is much easier for Skerrit the con artist to continue with yet another relationship of convenience. As a matter of fact Skerrit has no qualms carrying on with relationships of convenience, particularly when his victims are willing to sell their soles for the “Jumbie Money”-The Karessa, Gretta Roberts et al. We have seen text messages that would suggest that Skerrit’s marriage may even be a relationship of convenience  In a string of text messaging allegedly between Skerrit and Melissa, Melissa complains about being treated as “Chopped Liver”, she bemoans Skerrit’s inveterate lying and the wanton extra marital relationships particularly with women he has placed in high government positions.  In other alleged text conversations  Melissa is expressing that she is fed up of pretending all is honky-dory and that she is at her wits end with Skerrit and his con games. In a cold hearted response Skerrit says to Melissa “What about US $6 Million.” If Melissa wants she can explain to us  exactly what Skerrit meant by that otherwise we have no reason to doubt that Skerrit's ill-gotten wealth is beyond measure.

We have also heard a documented confession from one of PM Skerrit’s concubine that Skerrit is quite capable of carrying on with callous relationships. A young lady recently confessed that she has been in a sexual relationship with PM Skerrit for the last six years and that this relationship has been one of torture. She admitted that she has been in the relationship for that long simply because of the “Kool Outs(Free Money ), the paid trips to New York and elsewhere, the expensive gifts, and totally paid scholarship at Law School. The young lady confessed that while the prime minister’s wife Melissa was having their kids at a New York hospital, on both occasions she and Skerrit were booked at a Hotel in Manhattan. She also stated that during sexual intercourse she would just lay down while Skerrit plunders her “vegetable garden.” She laments - “all I do during sex is just lay down.” In spite of the seeming resentful feeling towards Skerrit she admitted that she had to pretend to be happy for the last six years just to maintain the affluent life style that Skerrit provided her with.  We anxiously await an attempt by the shameless proponents to deny Skerrit’s 6 year sexual relationship with one of his concubines.  Tony, Clarence be warned.  Tic Toc Tic Toc 

Time To Stop The Foreign Passport Hawks

Roosevelt Skerrit and his handlers continue to deny Dominicans living and grinding in Dominica, the right to choose their government. We have seen chartered planes and ferries with imported voters brought in to Dominica to vote in our elections and less than 24 hours after they cast their votes they return to their lives overseas, living the people of Dominica with an oppressive government and leadership. We have also seen the boldface interference of foreign passport hawks in our election process. We are aware that Anthony Haiden, a foreign passport hawk has been working assiduously on installing his government upon us. In the words of our Labour Party insider friend –“Montreal Management is calling the shots” 

We know that Montreal Management Consultants Est (MMCE) has been handed thousands of blank passports for sale in Dubai and elsewhere in the Middle East and that MMCE is the major sponsor of the Melissa Skerrit Foundation; a phony foundation Melissa is using to bribe the voters in the Roseau Central constituency where she is now a candidate for the Skerrit Family Party in the upcoming general elections. Anthony Haiden knows quite well that his relationship with Melissa Skerrit and her foundation is unacceptable and in many countries illegal. In fact Anthony Haiden is well aware that the bribing of foreign officials is a very serious crime in Canada for example.  

In addition to the thousands of blank passports at his disposal PM Skerrit also handed Anthony Haiden no-bid contracts to build low-income multi-family houses in Dominica. Our research has also shown us that Antony Haiden and his MMCE has had no prior experience as property development contractor. Conventional wisdom indicates that No bid contracts issued to nonqualified contractors is a classical sign of money laundering. 

Right, wrong or indifferent Darroux has presented himself as the proverbial prostitute and in the real sense of the word a prostitutes never really sell the physical self only, subliminally a prostitute must sell of the human dignity as part of the deal . The wanton interference in our election by foreign passport hawks like Anthony Haiden and perverted Diplomats like Monfared can only occur under the watch of an iniquitous administration. No party loyalty should negate the fact that “corruption is worse than prostitution as prostitution endangers the morals of an individual whereas corruption endanger the morals of an entire country (Karl Kraus).

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