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After a fictitious medical student Abuku Jamal of Nigeria expressed interest in the mysterious University named Dominica University of Medical Sciences (DUMS) the University hurriedly shut down it’s website and went underground.  The live website stated that the university had the greenlight to begin operations in Picard Portsmouth in October 2019. The University also claimed association with Dominica’s diplomat and former Prime Minister of St Kitts Dr. Denzel Douglas. What is still astounding is that since DUMS had been exposed as a fraud the Government of Dominica and it’s suspicious diplomat are yet to make a statement denying their involvement with DUMS. The deafening silence is just added evidence of a government involved in all sorts of nefarious activities and one with absolutely no respect for the citizenry.

No matter what this Skerrit administration does to cover up the wounds left by the departure of Ross University ,the pain and suffering will linger for many years and PM Skerrit and his minions will forever be remembered as catalytic in the departure of Ross University and the subsequent despair, shattered lives and the annihilation of  more than 30% of the islands economy. On the eve of another general election we should understand why it is very important for PM Skerrit and his administration to pretend that they can replace Ross University but it is foolhardy trying to convince the people that the economic value and thrust that Ross University contributed to Dominica can be replaced by electioneering push buttons. Ross University can never be replaced ....

It is also mindless to believe that some legitimate university or any bonafide investor would just begin operation in Dominica without due diligence and a thorough examination of the circumstances under which Ross University moved out of Dominica. It is common knowledge that the government of Dominica plagued by corruption and ineptness failed to develop a platform and a sustainable  development plan that would complement Ross University’s stature and expansion goals. It is no surprise therefore that in their desperate political survival mode the Skerrit administration seem bent on staging some dubious university to occupy the vacant campus at Picard and fools are singing hoorah.

PM Skerrit recently promised that he will soon be announcing the commencement of a new university at the Picard campus however we have been following some information regarding the said University. We have spoken to a few people with knowledge of ongoing plans for the Picard campus and what we have learned is that the new university is nothing but a venture funded by the very same overburdened CBI program. Because we are yet to receive any information about the new university let’s just for name sake refer to this mysterious university  as The Passport University of India (PUI). The PUI is being coordinated by CBI /passport agents  out of India and it is alleged that under the real estate option of the CBI program, prospective passports buyers will be purchasing shares in the PUI. Unconfirmed report also suggest that thus far PUI has only received 18 applications  and it is alleged that some of the applicants are family members of those Indian passport agents behind the scheme. We certainly don’t expect any transparency on this matter. Instead we expect the occasional nuisance spin by the likes of Sleeping Beauty Clarence Christian and Weng Weng 007 Al Benoit. In the interim another set of unscrupulous foreigners are joining ranks with organizations such as Montreal Management to reap millions of dollars from the sale of our passports with no accountability and transparency. We intend to deal with Montreal Management and expose their crookedness and meddling in our election process.  

In time of desperate need and hopelessness  anything is better than nothing  and DLP loyalists are excited not just at the prospects of another university but more so for an eagerness to say thank god for Skerrit for providing crutches after inflicting the debilitating wounds. Sadly we have had to remind some of the DLP loyalists, particularly the na├»ve ones that indeed Ross University started out with a handful of students but it took 40 years to build Ross University into what it was before our government allowed the University to move to Barbados. 18 students at a fly by night non-accredited university will not automatically take Picard back from the throes of little Haiti to the Picard of 2017. 

We also need to be very skeptical when “skulduggers ‘and gangster politicians collaborate on non-accredited offshore Universities .In October of 2018 the Washington University Medical School an Indian based medical school operating in Barbados had to shut down it’s operation less than two years after opening up it’s doors and living students stranded in Barbados. Today those involved in the Washington University scam are facing criminal prosecution in Barbados and in India. Six staff members operating in India (very much like the DUMS staff member who was recorded speaking to Abuku Jamal) they too were arrested by India’s law enforcement. What is interesting in all of this is the audacity of the former Minister of Education in the previous Barbados government administration. When asked about the fraudulent University and how wanted criminals obtained licenses to operate a scam university in Barbados, the then minister invoked his right to remain silent as a private citizen.

While we don’t expect any form of transparency from the Roosevelt Skerrit administration, as responsible citizens, we should be asking - How much more weight can this CBI donkey carry and when that donkey back breaks how do we as a people move on from an economy and way of life that is totally dependent on a CBI program?

In the meantime we are seeking answers on the troubled Morocco Hotel. It is quite some time now that there are no activities at the Morocco hotel and that Robert Tonge has not posted any updated photos.  Can Robby Tonge please explain to us what is going on? Is there a problem with the CBI money cause we have received complaints from people who have worked on the Morocco Hotel and have not been paid for 3 fortnights?

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