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As we are still grappling with the missing millions from the sale of our passports, MiTC has been  informed that about $30,000 was allegedly stolen from Melissa Skerrit’s business place in Roseau. The details are a bit sketchy however it is alleged that a young lady was questioned by the police but PM Skerrit and his wife Melissa allegedly called the police after the arrest and asked the police to drop the matter. According to our sources the PM and his wife did not want the police to move forward with charges as the matter will draw too much public scrutiny. Well too late guys the the horse has already bolted and people are already asking the obvious questions.

People are asking how it is that Melissa’s store is holding $30,000 in cash when there is no way this store is generating that kind of business in moribund economy - not daily, weekly or even monthly. The details that we have received surrounding the $30,000 heist is that the police is aware that thousands of dollars would be deposited at the store and the cash would be placed in a safe location and it is also alleged that the cash stored at the business place would then be deposited in the bank as daily deposits from the business activities. According to someone with knowledge off the investigation the accused simply decided to help herself after witnessing lots of cash moving in and out of the store.

Every concern Dominican, Laborites included, should already question the source of the money that is being doled out for "Kool Outs," the expensive DLP rallies, full tanks of gas for rally goers, prepaid buses, free drinks, paid excursion to Antigua, bribery packages for overseas votes and much more. Five years ago Skerrit’s answer to that question would have been that the money is coming from“Friendly Governments” - Friendly Government was essentially his favorite term for Venezuela. We knew he was lying then because even five years ago Venezuela could not even afford to buy toilet paper. We also have evidence of money being transfered from the captured dodgy diplomate Alireza Monfared to DLP operatives in Dominica. Note too that Monfared and his sham operation ,My Dominica Trade House was also tied to passport selling ventures in Malaysia.   

This time around Mr. Skerrit, we want to know where all of that money is coming from. Is there dry cash coming in through diplomatic pouches and do we have foreign companies in Dominica operating as intake valves for moneys coming in from CBI agents? 

Also do we have one particular CBI agent who indeed operates as a foreign branch of the treasury department of Dominica?

As expected the “evil justifiers "came out to create all kinds of smoke screens in an attempt to disperse concerns about the misappropriated millions of dollars from the passport revenues. One thing that we should all observe is that – We have never seen or heard anyone of these despicable defenders /evil justifiers of Roosevelt Skerrit come out to deny Skerrit’s multi-millionaire status. It is as if it is perfectly normal that a young man who came into office with not even a “kailles Poule (fowl cage) nor a bicycle to his name and writing bounce checks just like Karmala is today a multi-millionaire and no one can give a legitimate explanation as to how he became a multi-millionaire. Not even the deplorablMini Me,Tony Astaphan, has denied Skerrit’s mysterious wealth.  

In a documented conversation with one of PM Skerrit’s concubines, the young lady tells of her experience on a weekend stay over visit with Skerrit at his mansion in Viellecase. In her account she says he opened the vault and I have never seen so much money in my life. After he closed the vault the entire room was smelling of money.We expect to be vilified after this revelation and the Skerrit proponents will off course claim that we are propagandizing but as always we will have the last laugh. We patiently await the vitriole from Clarence, Simeone Albert  and Tony but the clock is ticking - Tic Toc Tic Toc Tic Toc.
Man Flaunting bag of Kool Out

In the absence of transparency the people have the right to speculate and to demand answers however it is really not that difficult to figure out where some of that missing money may have ended up. The answers are right before us. 

There are CBI agents getting untendered public work contracts – a classic money laundering scheme.

CBI agents sponsoring Melissa’s foundation – another questionable money laundering scheme; 

As a result of de-risking measures taken by correspondent banks, the government of Dominica has been having serious difficulties moving passport money into Dominica via regular banking and so they have to find unscrupulous means of bringing in cash into Dominica. Thus the reason "Kool Outs" are distributed in dry cash – some gang members have shown us on videos that they are receiving as much as $20K, $30K in dry cash. Saddly there are no legitimate banking transactions to account for the hundreds of thousand in “Kool Out.” distribution

The largesse that we have seen in elction campaign activities , the paying off of DLP candidates to either drop out of the race or to join the DLP crime syndicate. 

Unless there are  money trees growing on Skerrit's farm -The money is coming from somewhere and PM Skerrit must be made to answer the questions at some point where he cant arrogantly proclaim " It is non of our darn business" 

Finally we want to  ask PM Skerrit whether our passport money by any chance has gone into a 27 story building project in Dubai and whether PM Skerrit has been having discussions with a CBI agent about a private investment in Dubai? Tic Tic Tic Tic 

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  1. Allegedly smh. With all that so called evidence or allegedly all that supposedly evidence, why hasn't any one involved brought to Answer questions? I Rest! Remember one can accuse a Ham sandwich. But evidence beyond Reasonable doubt before a court of Law, is the System under which our jurisdiction operates. Just on my opinion. Asking a few questions. I Rest!


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