Monday, September 30, 2019


Don’t Let then fool ya
Or even try to school ya
We’ve got a mind of our own

A’yin the darkness ah must come out ah light.(Bob Marley)

A series of emails between Montreal Management Consultants (MMCE) and a prospective CBI applicant reveal that MMCE has been offering passports under the Economic Development Fund option for US $139,700. US $60,300 less than the legal cost.  

This new revelation shadows a letter from Dominica’s CBI director chastising CBI agents who had been undercutting the legal price of the passports. With the evidence now showing that Anthony Haiden and MMCE have been offering passports at a significantly reduced price we expect the government of Dominica to act decisively on this matter.   

Now that we know that MMCE is a culprit in the undercutting of the passport pricing with offers of “special discount” the question is – are there any more CBI agents undercutting the passport prices?

We have been reliably informed that there is another CBI agents allegedly involved in a guileful form of passport undermining which is referred to among CBI agents as  a  Share Buy Back"  Scheme and the people of Dominica should be incensed about this.

According to our sources in the Middle East, under the “Share Buy Back Scheme” A CBI agency involved in a particular hotel development in Dominica is allegedly buying out the shares earned through the Real Estate Option for the cost of US$35,000. We were also told that instead of paying say US $200,000 under the Real estate option, an investor/passport buyer would be required to pay $165,000 and that US $350000 discount would provide for an automatic transfer of ownership in that hotel to that particular CBI agent.

By the alleged “Share Buy Back " Scheme the participating CBI agent is not just undermining the price of the passports but that, that CBI agent is also involved in a pervasive multiple dipping stratagem. In addition to receiving up to 20% commission on every passport transaction this agent is allegedly scheming another US $35000 off the base price of the passport to buy out share in a “Real estate Investment “valued at over US $200,000.

A question that has dogged Roosevelt Skerrit and his CBI program is – Who own these real estate developments/hotels after the country’s resources have been used to finance these projects? Under the missing $1.2 Billion pressure PM Skerrit with his deceitful ways told the people of Dominica in a halfhearted manner that the hotels now being constructed under the CBI program belong to the people of Dominica however in a recent radio broadcast CBI agent and Jungle Bay hotel developer Sam Raphael disputed the PM’s statement. Sam Raphael clearly stated that the Hotel belong to the investors.

Although Sam Raphael and Roosevelt Skerrit are both pathological liars we have every reasons to believe that Sam Raphael is right as the PM and his administration for 5 years never saw it fit to respond to the people on the question of the ownership of these hotels until they felt the pressure of the missing $1.2 billion. In addition not one of the CBI agents involved in Hotel development have ever stated that the hotels belong to the people of Dominica. Instead what we have seen from these CBI agents is a relentless effort to protect their selfish interest (never that of the people) in the CBI program.    

It is also important to note that the alleged “Share Buy Back"  Scheme does not only provide an avenue for the CBI agent to use the people’s money to purchase absolute ownership of the real estate development but that it also provides a great cost saving incentive for the CBI applicants/passports buyers as the vast majority of them are strictly interested in the convenience of another passport and not an investment in a hotel in Dominica- let alone Skerrit’s claim of a “housing option “ where passport buyers can invest in government housing projects. 

Nanthan's Letter
We believe now that that this letter by Emmanuel Nanthan expressing concern about the undercutting of the passport pricing was just a hypocritical attempt to appease a few CBI agents complaining about the under-handing action of some of Nanthan and Skerrit’s close associate. Nanthan and Skerrit knew then that MMCE was involved in offering special discounts and we believe to they are fully aware of the dangerous and unscrupulous agent involved in the “Share Buy Back” Scheme.

 With an unfettered CBI program where Skerrit and company are too busy taking care of their personal interest and not that of the people it would be no surprise to us  if many other CBI agents are involved in the Share Buy Back" Scheme. After all it's an unregulated windfall opportunity for any unscrupulous CBI agent.   

The people of Dominica should now understand why Skerrit and his friends would rather keep them in the dark or even gaslighted on the ownership of those CBI real estate developments. The revelation of the “Share Buy Back” scheme in the CBI program is enough to get the people of Dominica angery and out in the streets demanding accountability.  

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