Thursday, October 3, 2019


Mysterious Terry
With the fantastic technologies that are available for photo manipulation, anyone in an apartment in London can be made to appear shaking Lennox Linton or Roosevelt Skerrit’s hands at any political or other social event in Dominica. This is not to credit or discredit the photo showing Lennox Linton meeting the mysterious Terry- eyewitnesses and even Lennox Linton himself have already confirmed that a photo was taken with the imposter and Passport operative Mysterious Terry.  

Does anyone believe that Terry and his operatives came to Dominica just to snap a photo with Lennox Linton for propaganda purposes? One thing for sure -Nous Chebais Chuckie, Bawais Yo en Ho Bawais Yo abas   

While some people are caught up with the authenticity of the photo and the WhatsApp messages in the latest DLP propaganda hit on Lennox Linton we may be missing a very significant point. Mysterious Terry and his operatives did not come all the way from Europe and the Middle East just to snap a photo with Lennox Linton. 

We believe that the mission was meant to get Lennox Linton in an isolated situation where Lennox would be baited and videotaped in a very compromising situation. We understand also that the passport hawks,Terry and company also invited a few members of the UWP to socialize and have a few drinks but the UWP candidates declined – most likely not even realizing that they were being set up. But they did well

Based on very similar campaign tactics carried out by Cambridge Analytica in St Kitts and even in other islands, the cursory character assassination job on Lennox Linton has all the resemblance of a desperate Plan D on crack. Plan A was really meant to have Lennox live on You tube similar to what was done to Denzel Douglas’s opponent Lindsey Grant in the 2010 election in St Kitt’s.

In an effort to protect the lucrative billion dollar passport selling operation CBI agents connected to the then Government of Denzel Douglas was able to lure Lindsey Grant in a hotel room, where men with British-accent posing as property developers promised Lindsey a $1.5 million payment in exchange for a bargain price on a plot of government land.  

All You Terry and company didn’t even "Gravitate Outwards" to change the game plan nuh- same $1.5 Million offer and the plot to sell state land wee!!!. lol

During the sting operation the British accented imposters said to Lindsey Grant “What we’re after is making sure you get into power, in return, “you will help us . . . how does that sound?” Grant who at the time was campaigning against Denzel Douglas corruption in St Kitts seemed reluctant at first but then he took the bait and raised the stake and demanded $1.7 Million. The video then end with the words “He sold his country and the people’s land just to win power. Clink the link below  


The same failed story line that was designed for Lennox Linton’s character assassination. Needless to say Grant did not win. The video which went viral destroyed Grant’s political aspirations.  

By now Dominicans are well aware of the fact that foreign Passport hawks operating out of Britain and the Middle East are actively trying to determine who our government officials should be and they are doing so simply to keep reaping the billions of dollars from the sale of our passports. We know for example that Montreal Management all the way in Dubai has been actively involved in determining the DLP candidates for certain constituencies.   

The attempted hit job on Lennox Linton is not just a full blown effort to protect the passport turf, these foreign passport hawks seem to think that we are a backward people as they attempted to run a play that we have already seen them run in St Kitts .The same $1.5 Million and the selling of state land? 

Only fools lean upon their own misunderstanding- Sadly fools like bounce check specialist Daryl Titre, Weng Weng Double Oh Al Benoit and the $40,000 Janitor Cleville Mills fell for the con game. What else are the DLP operatives and the foreign passport hawks going to come up with?

One thing for sure we the people of Dominica must put the brakes on them

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  1. Skeritt we are no longer DUMINICANS,we are DOMINICANS and we will prove to you who we are at the next general elections, you have made Lennox Linton more popular


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