Monday, November 18, 2019


We would like nothing more than to throw caution to the wind and to fully expose and identify an abhorrent character, a despicable lawyer who had been engaged in voyeurism from out of the washroom in his office.  What we are about to share with you is very sensitive and deeply troubling and in order to protect the victims only, we were instructed to tread lightly with the details. 

In the current political campaign environment we expect this report to be tagged by the Dominica Labor Party apologists as politically motivated. We can live with that but to those DLP operatives who are more often prepared to jettison morality just to protect and defend their political tribe we dare say be very cautious as in the words of Friederich Nietzsche “ Take care not to spit against the wind .“ If you spit in the air it will hit you in the face
Due to the sensitivity of the matter we will not reveal any names, not the name of the perpetrator or that of the victims.

The  story is not about Clorox for a “Stinky Dicktator “ but that of a lawyer and a  DLP operative who had a spy video camera set up in his office washroom and without permission recorded women in their privacy while using his washroom. From the cache of recorded videos it is clear that none of the victims were willing participants in this man’s sick and demented operation. 

In the interest of protecting the victims we sure hope that the video collection never gets out in the public but if it does the entire country will be in uproar.

We can also state that some of the victims of this horrendous crime  are women of stature. The victims range from office clerks to even young female attorneys. Some of these younger women at some point either worked for this man or might have visited his office for business purposes. 
We caution the DLP apologists - do not spit in the wind less it hits you in the face and this is why.The Peeping Tom also had the audacity to record his DLP colleagues- In one of the peeping Tom’s surreptitious recording is a female minister of government  and in another  the wife of a DLP political candidate.  Some other victims are seemingly just regular clients who were at this voyeur’s office to conduct business.
Also included in the Peeping Tom’s cache of videos are some young professional women and daughters of sycophant supporters of the Dominica Labor Party.

We do know that this lawyer lacks depth of character but at least as a lawyer he ought to know that it is unlawful to knowingly invade another person’s privacy without the knowledge of the person for the purpose of voyeuristic satisfaction and sexual stimulation.
Now that this Peeping Tom lawyer is aware that his voyeurism was uncovered and that his video files are somewhere on the MiTC’s cloud we expect him to stand down from any politically appointed positions and all his special privileges.   

This is a very serious matter and not meant for political gamesmanship.-we are asking the Police Commissioner , Daniel Carbon to make a public statement promising to arrest and prosecute this Peeping Tom lawyer and if Mr. Daniel Carbon is serious MiTC will arrange to have the file with all the videos delivered to the criminal investigation unit.  

Our primary objective is to help restore respect, honesty, transparency and integrity among those who influence policies and decision of national interest. It is horrifying to think that men with such behavior play consequential roles in even determining our country’s governance and future.   

We are pleading with the public to stand on the side of justice and to denounce all those who protect these criminals as they continue to abuse and violate our women. Are we prepared to sacrifice the dignity our daughters, our women, our wives for the patronage of partisan politics? If so then god save our nation. 
“If you pervert the course of Justice Then You are also a pervert!!!!!!!!”  Politics 101

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