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During the Al Jazeera expose the former partner of the disgraced Dominica ambassador Alireza Monfared, Manoj Bhullar stated that he has seen corruption in his lifetime but Roosevelt Skerrit and his conspirators have taken corruption to a whole new level.  Manoj Bhullar who resides in Malaysian had a front row seat in the My Dominica Trade House (MDTH) sham operation between Ali Reza Monfared and the Roosevelt Skerrit crime syndicate but from since 2005 the people of Dominica  have had  not just front row seats but even backstage passes into the Skerrit crime operation yet many chose to ship their morals to the land of  See No Evil Hear No Evil  and thus allow  Roosevelt Skerrit and his crime syndicate to continue pushing the envelope – with daring crimes and wanton corruption.
After being embroiled in several scandals to include the garbage Bin and fertilizer Bobol, property tax evasion, the phatom ownership of the 8 villas and much more, the people of Dominica seemed nonchalant about Skerrit’s brazen corruption  and so a monster was borne. Skerrit then decided that no law no constitution can stop him and so he decided to trounce the electoral laws and the constitution and got himself a French passport and with the aid of a corrupt judiciary and an alleged pay for play justice system, Skerrit and Pettar St Jean walk away without any consequences for the blatant crime they committed.

With "Trump Like" arrogance it is quite apparent that Skerrit believes that he can now shoot someone on Kennedy Avenue and get away with it. Skerrit single handedly decided to push “the Materialistic Paro”  and crossover prostitute Joseph Isaac out of the Roseau Central constituency where he won the seat under the United Workers Party and to install a Canadian Citizen and Canadian passport holder his wife Melissa Poponne Skerrit as the candidate for the Roseau Central constituency.
Did Skerrit ever tell his counterparts that Melissa is a Canadian Citizen and using her Canadian passport to travel?  We have in our possession Melissa Skerrit’s Canadian passport and the records indicate that Melissa has been using her Canadian passport. Even while her DLP followers and clappers boarded the all-expense paid ferry to meet Melissa in Guadeloupe, Antigua or St Martin Melissa was at the time using her Canadian Passport to travel via airplane to those islands where her clappers would be awaiting her arrival.

It is quite clear to all and sundry that Melissa’s involvement in electoral politics is all about maintaining grandeur and luxury through a power grabbing scheme. It is no secret that Melissa who is nicknamed “Gucci Mel is drunk on fame and fortune and that the affluence that Skerrit’s illgotten wealth provides is definitel Melissa’s motivation. According to one of Roosevelt Skerrit’s concubine,  allegedly while accompanying Skerrit on trips to the United States Skerrit would provide her with as much as US $5000.00 in cash just to pick up a few items that Melissa would request for the kids. Just imagine what Melissa handles on direct request. The same concubine also revealed that she saw Skerrit opened up a vault at his mansion in Vielle Case and that she had never seen so much cash in one place except in the mafia movies. Just imagine what Melissa has been seeing.
How much more hypocrisy, insults and gaslighting are the people of Dominica willing to accept from Skerrit.  When asked about the unscrupulous dealing of our passports in the Middle East, Skerrit once stated that the people in the Middle East buying our passports are doing so because they love their newly adopted country and want to show pride in country by traveling with their Dominican passport yet his wife Melissa refuses to travel with a Dominican passport. During Melissa’s pregnancies she chose on both occasions to have her kids born not in Dominica but in America.  

With Canada being part of the Commonwealth, Melissa’s legibility or illegibility to contest the general elections is a matter left for the legal experts.  Also, whether or not Melissa lied on the nomination form by not declaring her Canadian citizenship is a matter for the electoral office to deal with. Whatever argument that may ensue regarding Melissa’s Canadian Citizenship and the use of her Canadian Passport let us hope that the people of Dominica record this as another one of Skerrit’s cunning and disingenuous behavior.
One thing for sure there is no doubt that like Skerrit ,Melissa is just another con artist pretending to care about the people of Dominica whereas her allegiance is to a foreign country. With the massive illicit wealth that the Skerrits have accumulated through corruption in government it makes sense to maintain an escape route once these corrupt despots are out of office. Once the power is gone,  Skerrit , Melissa and their children have no obligation to remain in Dominica. In fact from text conversation seen allegedly between Skerrit and Melissa, we have concluded that once the power is gone the pretense of a happy couple will become unsustainable and Melissa may either opt for the US $6 Million that Skerrit offered her during a text fight or Melissa “Gucci Mel” may demand the bonanza from Skerrit’s illicit wealth in and out of Dominica.          

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