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Candy Rose
More often than not we hear from the Labor Party supporters phrases that indicate that their loyalty to the labor party is even more important than loyalty to themselves and families.  We hear colloquial phrases like “ce laba mwen laba” -meaning I was born labor and will die labor or”no matter ,what I can never not vote labor. “ You ask these blind DLP loyalists what does it take to be a Laborite and no one seem to have the answer. Not even the educated fools within the fraternity realize that they are ceding their intellectual autonomy to one man and a criminal organization that he parades under the banner of the Dominica Labor Party. The DLP which was built by the Honorable E.O Leblanc was meant to be that noble and sacred political organization that valued honesty, integrity and most of all putting the people before self interest.

After listening via Facebook the laments of this Petit Savanne young lady name Candy Rose I came to the conclusion that there is no way Candy Rose could be looking for sympathies from her fellow “see no evil hear no evil “Roosevelt Skerrit supporters and by the reactions and responses seen both on the streets and on social media, Candy Rose surely did not get any sympathies from the sober minded be it opposition or independent. 

According to Candy Rose’s complaint ,PM Skerrit and her Parliamentary Representative Dr. Kenneth Darroux have for many years been manipulating the people of her community with lies, rhetoric and deceit. They have been promised housing since 2015 and according to Candy Rose “up to now nothing but lies; that even after making the same promises during the December 6 2019 election campaign they have not heard a word from PM Skerrit nor have they heard from or ever seen their Parl Rep Dr. Kenneth Darroux who they voted overwhelmingly for in the last election”. She went on to lament that Kenneth Darroux did not even have the courtesy to say thank you to them for their votes not in person or in texts.
Dr. Kenneth Darroux
Apart from the unfulfilled promises for jobs and economic opportunities it is fear to conclude that Candy Rose is mostly disappointed in the unconsummated promises of housing for those who are really in need of housing and also the fact that the grossly corrupt DLP cabal have not been using the country’s resources to help people who are truly in need but instead have enriched themselves and their hanger-ons. 

While the Skerrit and Darroux loyalists are crying for housing does Candy and the rest of the abused people in her community know that since 2015 the government of Dominica has been renting a complete building for Kenneth Darroux in the Canefield area? The property in Canefield is owned by someone named Richardson Mathew. But it gets more disgusting, it is alleged that Kenneth Darroux was also able to get for himself one of the relief houses built following the Tropical Storm Erika of 2015. 
Section of partially completed Darroux Mansion
MiTC also broke the news that as part of Kenneth Darroux's compensation package to re-enter the race for the DLP Petit Savanne constituency ,Kenneth Darroux’s recently built mansion was paid off by one of Dominica’s passport agencies in Dubai. The Roosevelt Skerrit crime syndicate have not denied the allegations and we dare them too. 
For whatever this is worth to Candy Rose and her people who are so deprived of proper housing conditions and employment, while Kenneth Darroux now resides in his newly built mansion he continues to hold on to that government rented property in Canefield. We can also confirm that Kenneth Darroux is allowing two close associates to live in at the government rented property in Canefield ; both gentlemen are gainfully employed and are living in the property.

We are not sure as to what type of arrangement there is between Kenneth Darroux and those associates living at that address in Canefield. In this time of "Gwayais"(economic crisis) and no economic stimulus packages the people deserve an explanation from the PM - Why is the government still paying rent for Kenneth Darroux?  
It is well established that the crime syndicate that operates under the banner of the DLP is led by what is now valued as normalized greed and self-interest .Those who lead the organization are totally devoid of empathy and sincerity and they relentlessly trump the value of ethics and integrity  in government. They have no problems in taking advantage of the people’s poverty and ignorance just to prove and maintain their privileged status.
As it is often said “loyalty is dumb and it bypasses the brain.” When people become absolute loyalist to a political Party or politician they give up their rights to an independent thought process. After this expose we expect the DLP crime syndicate to go into damage control mode – they will again gaslight Candy Rose and all other Dominicans spellbound by Skerrit’s deception. No wonder there was much empathy and very little sympathy for Candy Rose and the blind loyalists of her community.   

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