Thursday, June 25, 2020


Many are asking how could the cabinet sign off on a $32000 per month rent for the Prime Minister at the newly built mansion in Morne Daniel but the real question is  which cabinet member do we expect to stand up to Skerrit’s dictatorial corruption. 
Would it be Reginald Austrie? We know for a fact that Reginald Austrie was  paying rent for a young lady friend near the Benjamin’s Park in Portsmouth and the landlord ‘s check was coming from the government of Dominica. So who is Reginald Austrie to question Skerrit on government paying housing rent.
At one point we thought Kenneth Darroux had the gumption to stand up to Skerrit’s corruption  but alas Kenneth Darroux himself may be under Anthony Haiden’s control. It is alleged that Anthony Haiden of Montreal Management brought Kenneth Darroux back onto the Labor Party ticket by offering to pay off the mortgage for Kenneth’s newly built mansion. We also reported that since 2015 the government of Dominica had been renting a complete building for Kenneth Darroux in the Canefield area and even after he moved into his newly built mansion the government was still paying rent for the property while associates of Kenneth Darroux has been leaving at the property in Canefield.
Besides the alleged baby Sarah issues Blackmore himself has many questions to answer regarding his alleged insider trading and his sudden wealth. Who can forget Reginald Austrie’s tape recorded conversation admitting that Blackmore  “he bought the house for the woman”

The rest of the cabinet members ,Gretta, Karessa , Dennis et al are simply door knobs bought and placed at the whims and fancies of Roosevelt Skerrit. These door knobs are just there to collect a paycheck while the country plunges into decadence. 
Allegations of text conversation between contractor Anthony Haiden of MMCE and PM Skerrit during the planning and construction phases of the newly build Morne Daniel mansion indicated that the structure was being built for and on behalf of Roosevelt Skerrit. If the property belongs to Roosevelt Skerrit as alleged then the alleged $32000 monthly rent for PM Skerrit seem more like a scheme to mask the real ownership of this mansion and an effort to suppress public outcry as Skerrit and Melissa move into their mansion. A mansion fit for King Corrupt while Dominicans receive a few packs of ramen noodles as their stimulus package.
If the Morne Daniel mansion belongs to Skerrit it would also mean that Skerrit will be getting paid $32000 to reside in a building that he allegedly owns and a building that was built by the passport agent who we know controls significant sums of Dominica’s passport revenues offshore. If the mansion belongs to Anthony Haiden then how does it look that a foreign passport agent is receiving $32000 of the people's money while still receiving the lion's share of government contracts. 
As expected Skerrit apologists have already started making excuses and are now claiming that the Morne Daniel mansion belongs to Anthony Haiden and not PM Skerrit. Off course the PM already own a multimillion dollar mansion in Viellecase and so why would he need another mansion ???  None of the apologists including Mopyon Tony Astaphan is yet to deny that Skerrit, the man who came into government like an “earth worm”  is mysteriously so filthy rich. So in the land where the people are programmed to see no evil and hear no evil relating to King Corrupt Roosevelt Skerrit,  why can’t the man own two mansions..... 
We know for sure that Anthony Haiden currently rents a property in Morne Daniel and so it is only logical to ask why would Anthony Haiden rent out his new mansion in Morne Daniel while he is paying rent for another property in the same area. The apologists will also argue and rightly so, that Haiden has a Dominica passport and so if he owns the property then he has the right to rent his mansion in Morne Daniel to PM Roosevelt Skerrit. 

The people of Dominica should also ask why it is that Anthony Haiden, a foreign passport agent is seemingly the controlling oligarch in Dominica with a portfolio of general contractor/financier of numerous government projects in Dominica, sponsor of Melissa Skerrit’s charity , election campaign donor etc. The people should also keep agitating for Roosevelt Skerrit to provide an account of the $1.2 Billion Dollars that is in an offshore escrow account allegedly controlled by PM Skerrit and Anthony Haiden’s Montreal Management Company?
Dominicans, the injustices , economic oppression and rampant corruption are real. What else do we need to take to the streets and demand an absolute purging of our government?

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